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Wiki History Listing

2The result of [[sex]]ual intercourse in a woman's vagina. See [[aftersex]] for guidelines on what to look for. Try not to confuse this with [[imminent_vaginal]], which may look similar to this in small thumbnails. This and [[vaginal]] contextually shouldn't occur at the same time, but it's possible in a [[comic]] where vaginal sex is occurring in one panel, then the next panel has the aftermath. [b]Examples[/b] [post]2802677[/post] [post]1226588[/post] [b]See also[/b] [[after_anal]] [[cum_in_pussy]] [[clothed_after_sex]]
Updated by jedi1357 about 01/15/18 2:53 PM
Version 2
1This tag is derived from the [[aftersex]] tag, but is specifically depicting the situation after an [[vaginal]] penetration. Images with this tag should also have the [[aftersex]] tag. [b]See Also[/b] [[after_anal]] [[after_fellatio]]
Updated by XerBlade about 01/15/18 2:06 PM
Version 1