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A 2007 3d animated crossover action animation created singlehandedly by Monty_Oum and his major breakthrough work. The animation premiered on the website Gametrailers and eventually became the most popular video on said site with over 4 million views. The animation was developed once Oum discovered that he can extract models from Halo 2. Using the extracted models, as well as assets from Super Smash Bros. Melee, he created this animation. It pits the protagonists of Halo and Metroid against each other and the Covenant from Halo. The film features Monty's trademark exaggerated action scenes and powerful heroines and is also the start of Monty's trademark of animating his characters perform a dance/music video sequence.

The film is also inspired by the famous Burly Brawl fight scene from The Matrix Reloaded and even uses the same song that played in the background of said sequence.

The success of the short film had a profound effect on Monty's career. Although Monty receive no monetary profit from the film, it led to Monty being hired by game developers such as Midway and Namco as a combat designer and Monty briefly worked for both companies. Under Namco, he worked on the video game adaptation of Afro Samurai although Monty ultimately decided to focus on being an animator. Rooster Teeth, the creators of the long-running Halo-based machinama series Red vs. Blue, wanted to hire Monty as soon as they saw the movie, but Monty would not join them until 3 years later, in part due to a miscommunication. According to Monty, in Rooster Teeth's first attempt to hire him, Monty didn't realize that they wanted him to join. Monty finally joined in 2010 and worked on seasons 8-10 of Red vs. Blue, and was part of the company for the rest of his life.

The film also influenced the popular online crossover fight series Death Battle; after seeing the video, Ben Singer, one of the creators of the series, was inspired to look up discussions about who would win between Samus and Master Chief and other character matchups, which snowballed into the creation of the series. The Samus Aran vs. Boba Fett Remastered episode, released soon after Monty Oum's untimely passing, is an homage to Haloid and features the song "Shine" from RWBY.


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