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Tag type: General

A person (usually nude) wearing nothing underneath track_jacket.

Add this tag alongside with Naked_jacket.

See also

* Nude
* Naked_apron
* Naked_overalls
* Naked_towel

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 1girl ahoge bare_shoulders blunt_bangs breasts collarbone cross_print expressionless eyes_visible_through_hair gradient_background grey_background grey_hair gurumyuu hair_ornament hair_over_one_eye hairclip highres jacket large_breasts long_sleeves mole mole_under_eye multicolored_clothes multicolored_jacket naked_jacket nijisanji own_hands_together partially_unzipped pink_eyes pink_jacket solo sukoya_kana thighs tongue tongue_out twintails two-sided_fabric two-sided_jacket v_arms virtual_youtuber white_jacket x_hair_ornament yellow_jacket
 1girl arknights breasts cleavage cleft_of_venus clitoris_piercing commission commissioner_upload ear_piercing highres horns jacket jumpsuit large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer material_growth menmon mudrock_(arknights) mudrock_(elite_ii)_(arknights) naked_jacket navel navel_piercing nipple_bar nipple_piercing nipple_pull nipple_stimulation nipples oripathy_lesion_(arknights) paid_reward_available piercing pixiv_commission pointy_ears pussy pussy_piercing red_eyes solo standing white_hair white_jumpsuit
 1girl absurdres black_jacket blue_eyes breasts brown_hair brushing_teeth commentary_request go-toubun_no_hanayome highres jacket long_hair long_hair_between_eyes looking_at_viewer medium_breasts nakano_miku naked_jacket partially_unzipped shoxn098 sleeves_past_wrists solo toothbrush_in_mouth white_background
 1girl absurdres artist_name belly black_hair blue_eyes breasts cleft_of_venus eyewear_on_head female_focus flowerxl glasses glasses_on_head highres huge_breasts jacket large_breasts legs long_hair naked_jacket navel nico_robin nipples nude one_piece pussy solo standing sunglasses sunglasses_on_head tagme thighs unzipped watermark web_address
 1girl absurdres alternate_costume black_eyes black_hairband black_serafuku blue_archive bottomless braid door hair_over_one_eye hairband halo highres jacket kenma_pro long_sleeves looking_at_viewer naked_jacket no_bra no_pants no_shirt open_door open_mouth partially_unzipped plana_(blue_archive) red_halo red_jacket red_pupils school_uniform serafuku single_braid solo track_jacket white_hair
 1girl 3d @_@ absurdres beach bed_sheet bedwetting black_gloves black_hat black_jacket blush bone_hair_ornament cleft_of_venus clothesline cloud custom_maid_3d custom_maid_3d_2 eguze_(sho1013) embarrassed flying_sweatdrops gloves hair_ornament hat highres jacket loli long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer naked_jacket navel ocean open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth pee_stain pirate pirate_hat puddle pussy red_hair rock sand skull_and_crossbones skull_hair_ornament sky standing sweat sweatdrop tears twintails water wet yellow_eyes

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