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A protective armor worn under clothing. It is a piece created by weaving interlocked loops together.

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 1boy absurdres armor black_background chainmail commentary elden_ring embers english_commentary headpiece helmet highres knightdecayed long_hair looking_to_the_side messmer_the_impaler monochrome ornate ornate_armor red_hair simple_background snake snake_on_shoulder snake_tail solo tail twitter_username winged_helmet
 1boy armor black_snake chainmail commentary elden_ring embers english_commentary fire helmet highres long_hair looking_at_viewer messmer_the_impaler one_eye_closed ornate_armor red_hair red_snake slit_pupils snake snake_on_shoulder solo winged_helmet yellow_eyes yujia0412
 1boy armor battle boots chainmail commentary dungeon_meshi english_commentary faux_figurine from_above gorget greyscale highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon laios_thorden long_sleeves male_focus monochrome open_mouth pants pauldrons pavement plate_armor short_hair shoulder_armor simple_background standing sweat sword twitter_username vambraces walking_mushroom_(dungeon_meshi) weapon winged_sword yunkey
 1girl armor black_background black_pants blue_cape braid breastplate breasts brown_eyes cape chainmail commentary commission cowboy_shot crown_braid english_commentary gauntlets grey_hair highres holding holding_shield holding_sword holding_weapon kd_chan large_breasts original pants sheath sheathed shield shoulder_armor solo sword weapon
1boy armor black_lips burning chainmail close-up commentary elden_ring embers english_commentary floweroflaurelin helmet highres looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side male_focus messmer_the_impaler ornate_armor red_hair red_snake scales slit_pupils snake snake_on_shoulder snake_tail solo tail winged_helmet yellow_eyes
 4girls 5boys acolyte_(ragnarok_online) anger_vein animal_ears apple apple_on_head armor backpack bag bird black_eyes black_hair black_lunette blonde_hair blue_hair boots box bread bread_slice brown_gloves brown_vest cape capelet cat_ears chainmail chasing closed_eyes closed_mouth commentary cone_horns day deviling english_commentary fake_animal_ears fake_horns flower_in_mouth food food_in_mouth fruit gauntlets gloves goggles goggles_on_head green_eyes green_hair green_shirt grey_hair grey_horns grin hairband hat headphones highres horns in-universe_location knight_(ragnarok_online) location_name long_hair looking_at_another mage_(ragnarok_online) market market_stall medium_bangs mouth_hold multiple_boys multiple_girls novice_(ragnarok_online) one_eye_closed open_mouth outdoors pauldrons peco_peco pink_eyes pink_hair pink_hairband poring potion qingdai_guanmao ragnarok_online red_apple red_hair riding riding_bird road_sign shirt short_hair short_sleeves shoulder_armor sign slime_(creature) smile stop_sign sword thief_(ragnarok_online) toast toast_in_mouth upper_body vest visor_(armor) waving weapon white_cape white_capelet wizard_(ragnarok_online)

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