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Tag type: General

When a character's body is stuck halfway in a wall. It could be a ghost passing through, a character is stuck after trying to ram through, or a form of sexual restraining.

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 1girl @_@ ahoge animal_ear_fluff animal_ears ass ass_focus black_footwear black_panties black_shorts black_thighhighs blue_neckerchief blush boots braid breasts clothing_cutout commentary_request crack cracked_wall crossed_bangs detached_sleeves eru_(l_illust45) fox_ears fox_girl fox_tail front_slit hair_between_eyes highres hololive hood hooded_vest hoodie long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts navel neckerchief panties partially_undressed pentagram restrained shirakami_fubuki shirakami_fubuki_(1st_costume) short_shorts shorts side_braid simple_background single_braid single_thighhigh solo stationary_restraints stuck tail tail_through_clothes thigh_strap thighhighs through_wall underwear vest virtual_youtuber white_background white_hair white_vest wide_sleeves
 1girl ahoge black_hair bow closed_eyes collared_shirt crack cracked_wall diagonal-striped_bow dress_shirt facing_viewer fang flying_sweatdrops green_background grey_jacket hair_between_eyes highres jacket long_sleeves naga_u naga_u-chan open_mouth original puffy_long_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_bow shirt short_eyebrows simple_background sleeves_past_wrists solo tears thick_eyebrows through_wall upper_body wavy_mouth white_shirt
 1girl animal_ear_fluff animal_ears animalization blush crack cracked_wall hair_between_eyes highres kemomimi-chan_(naga_u) looking_at_viewer naga_u original purple_eyes rabbit rabbit_ears simple_background solo sparkle through_wall v-shaped_eyebrows white_background white_hair
 1girl animal_ears apron black_dress blue_hair breasts breasts_out cat_ears dress elbow_gloves fake_animal_ears gloves goddess_of_victory:_nikke highres huge_breasts light_blue_hair long_hair maid maid_headdress neck_bell nipples official_alternate_costume paw_hair_ornament privaty_(nikke) privaty_(unkind_maid)_(nikke) solo through_wall twintails very_long_hair vumiviro white_apron white_gloves yellow_eyes
 after_rape after_vaginal aftersex anus ass blazer bridal_garter cum cum_in_pussy drooling english_text female_focus furina_(genshin_impact) genshin_impact hat heart highres jacket kurodahlia18 looking_up penis pussy saliva spread_pussy stuck talking_to_viewer thick_thighs thighs through_wall
 1girl ? absurdres animal_ears asuna_(blue_archive) asuna_(bunny)_(blue_archive) bare_shoulders blue_archive blue_bow blue_eyes blue_leotard blush bouncing_breasts bow breasts cleavage collarbone detached_collar fake_animal_ears gloves hair_over_one_eye halo heart highres implied_sex kasumi_saika large_breasts leotard light_brown_hair long_hair mole mole_on_breast no_bra official_alternate_costume open_mouth playboy_bunny rabbit_ears rabbit_hole_(vocaloid) sideboob solo strapless strapless_leotard through_wall tongue tongue_out vocaloid white_gloves

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