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Tag type: General

Images where two or more characters, usually from different series, are placed side by side making their similarities in physical appearance more visible. It can also refer to images referencing how two characters from different series look uncannily similar. For example, a character from one series cosplaying as a character from another series that happens to look a lot like the original character.

This tag covers images for characters who are unrelated. Look-alike siblings should be tagged as twins.

If the same character appears multiple times, the tags dual_persona or multiple_persona should be used instead.

Related tags

* hair_color_connection

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 2girls ? ?? baseball_cap black_hair black_pantyhose black_survival candy chibi color_connection commentary_request ellen_joe eternal_return:_black_survival fins fish_tail food hair_color_connection hat korean_commentary lollipop look-alike maid malrangdonut marlene_(black_survival) multicolored_hair multiple_girls pantyhose red_eyes red_hair shark_tail short_hair tail two-tone_hair zenless_zone_zero
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