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Other Names 吉成曜 *

Male Artist, Animator, and Director born on May 6, 1971. He is also known as Maru, and is the younger brother of fellow artist Yoshinari_Kou. His brother Kou, was responsible for getting him involved in the animation industry, and You was already doing uncredited animation work as early as high school. He began his professional career at Gainax in the 1990s, working as an animator on many of their projects until 2010. After the completion of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, he, along with many Gainax employees like frequent collaborator Imaishi Hiroyuki, moved over to the newfound animation studio Trigger_(Company). There, he made his directorial debut with Little_Witch_Academia OVA, and followed that up with the second OVA and the TV series.

He is also a fan of quite a few North American animated shows including My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Powerpuff Girls and has drawn fan art of them. He considers the 1978 manga Nijitte Monogatari one of his biggest inspirations as an artist.


Pixiv: 'Maru' account, consists of MLP fanart.

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2girls black_leotard blunt_bangs cyberpunk_(series) cyberpunk_edgerunners highres leotard lucy_(cyberpunk) mechanical_parts multicolored_hair multiple_girls official_art rainbow_hair song_so_mi songbird_(cyberpunk_2077) yoshinari_you
 1girl braid brown_eyes brown_hair cape cover cover_page flower hat hat_flower highres looking_at_viewer official_art original sheath sheathed simple_background solo staff standing text_focus translated twin_braids white_background wizard_hat yoshinari_you
 1984_(novel) 1girl bare_shoulders barefoot black_cat black_dress blonde_hair cat closed_eyes couch crossed_legs dress headphones highres lying original pillow shoes unworn_shoes smile solo yoshinari_you
 1boy armor blonde_hair blood blood_on_hands blood_splatter bloody_weapon closed_mouth earrings emellious_(grandia) expressionless full_armor full_body grandia grandia_iii jewelry looking_at_viewer male_focus official_art pointy_ears simple_background single_earring solo spiked_hair standing sword weapon white_armor white_background yoshinari_you
 1boy armor black_armor closed_mouth dual_wielding full_armor full_body grandia grandia_iii grey_hair holding holding_sword holding_weapon legs_apart looking_at_viewer male_focus multicolored_hair official_art raven_(grandia) red_eyes red_hair simple_background solo standing streaked_hair sword two-tone_hair weapon white_background yoshinari_you
 1girl belt black_belt black_choker black_nails blue_hair boots breasts butterfly_ornament choker cleavage closed_mouth dagger fingernails full_body gauntlets grandia grandia_iii hair_ornament holding holding_scythe holding_weapon knife legs_together looking_at_viewer medium_breasts miniskirt official_art red_eyes red_shirt red_skirt scythe shadow shirt short_hair simple_background single_gauntlet skirt smile solo standing thigh_boots thighhighs violetta_(grandia) weapon white_background white_footwear yoshinari_you zettai_ryouiki

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