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When a Trainer obtains a key stone and certain Pokémon hold their respective Mega_Stone, the Pokémon can undergo a transformation that allows them to evolve even further (but only during battle).
The Mega-Evolved Pokémon gain a new appearance along with different stat changes, and sometimes even an alternate type or Ability.

Confirmed Mega Pokémon (by National Pokédex Number)

Introduced in Pokemon X and Y:
#003 Mega_Venusaur
#006 Charizard
#009 Mega_Blastoise
#065 Mega_Alakazam
#094 Mega_Gengar
#115 Mega_Kangaskhan
#127 Mega_Pinsir
#130 Mega_Gyarados
#142 Mega_Aerodactyl
#150 Mewtwo
#181 Mega_Ampharos
#212 Mega_Scizor
#214 Mega_Heracross
#229 Mega_Houndoom
#248 Mega_Tyranitar
#257 Mega_Blaziken
#282 Mega_Gardevoir
#303 Mega_Mawile
#306 Mega_Aggron
#308 Mega_Medicham
#310 Mega_Manectric
#354 Mega_Banette
#359 Mega_Absol
#445 Mega_Garchomp
#448 Mega_Lucario
#460 Mega_Abomasnow

Introduced in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire:
#015 Mega_Beedrill
#018 Mega_Pidgeot
#080 Mega_Slowbro
#208 Mega_Steelix
#254 Mega_Sceptile
#260 Mega_Swampert
#302 Mega_Sableye
#319 Mega_Sharpedo
#323 Mega_Camerupt
#334 Mega_Altaria
#362 Mega_Glalie
#373 Mega_Salamence
#380 Mega_Latias
#381 Mega_Latios
#384 Mega_Rayquaza
#428 Mega_Lopunny
#475 Mega_Gallade
#531 Mega_Audino
#719 Mega_Diancie

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