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A Dragon_Ball/Dragonball_Z meme.

It refers to a shot of Yamcha crumpled up in a crater after being caught in a Saibaiman self-destruction attack.

The pixiv tag for this is "'ヤムチャしやがって・・・'."

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 1boy 2girls 2koma carmilla_(fate/grand_order) comic fate/grand_order fate_(series) fujimaru_ritsuka_(female) highres hijikata_toshizou_(fate/grand_order) multiple_girls shiina_(vuurrood) translation_request yamcha_pose 1boy android android_16 armor cell_(dragon_ball) corpse defeated dragon_ball dragonball_z explosion injury lying parody perfect_cell shinomiya_akino what wings yamcha_pose 1boy 1girl 4koma absurdres asterios_(fate/grand_order) black_legwear black_sclera boots choker comic dress euryale fate/grand_order fate_(series) flower fujimaru_ritsuka_(female) greyscale hair_ornament hair_scrunchie hairband highres horns lolita_hairband long_hair monochrome one_side_up open_mouth pantyhose peciako scrunchie side_ponytail skirt smoke translated twintails white_hair yamcha_pose  1boy 2girls bikini black_hair blush comic double_bun fate/grand_order fate_(series) frankenstein's_monster_(swimsuit_saber)_(fate) fujimaru_ritsuka_(male) glasses greyscale hair_ornament hair_over_one_eye hairclip highres horn jacket kichi_(kitiokitioo) monochrome multiple_girls necktie shielder_(fate/grand_order) short_hair swimsuit translated yamcha_pose  /\/\/\ 2girls bike_shorts blush bow bowtie brown_eyes brown_hair comic commentary covering covering_ass covering_breasts dragon_ball dragonball_z fart green_eyes headgear kantai_collection machinery multiple_girls ocean one_eye_closed ouno_(nounai_disintegration) parody pleated_skirt school_uniform serafuku shimushu_(kantai_collection) shimushu_pose short_hair silver_hair skirt smelling splashing taihou_(kantai_collection) tearing_up tears torn_clothes trembling turret white_legwear yamcha_pose  10s 1girl blood kamitsuki_shion kantai_collection monochrome school_uniform short_hair skirt tatsuta_(kantai_collection) translation_request yamcha_pose

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