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Yamato is a female personification of the historical battleship Yamato in the game Kantai_Collection.

大和 - "Yamato" (lit. "Great Harmony") is the name of an ancient province of Japan, but also was an ancient word for Japan itself. Because of this, the battleship Yamato was seen as a symbol of Japan, and has been referenced in many other games or anime. Battleship Yamato, along with her sister ship, Musashi_(Kantai_Collection), were the largest battleships ever built.

Depicted as having long_hair, brown_hair in a ponytail with multiple cherry_blossoms in her hair, and often carrying an oriental_umbrella with a shaft based on the battleship's distinctive mast. She wears a single_thighhigh, which, with her first remodel, bears the slogan that her admiral posted for the suicidal Operation Ten-Go, the final operation the Imperial_Japanese_Navy (IJN) undertook, where Yamato, Yahagi_(Kantai_Collection), and numerous destroyers were sunk by American aircraft. She also has what appears to be two hollowed out AP shells that cover her breasts, which are in turn covered by her clothes. These are either some sort of strapless bra, compact strapless muneate or breast_pads, depending on who you ask.

Yamato was historically bitterly referred to as "Hotel_Yamato" by other members of the IJN who went to the front line, due to the fact that she was never used in combat until after defeat was certain. She had war council rooms and (relatively) luxurious quarters for all the admirals she was expected to have on her as the flagship of the IJN. She had civilian staff for cooking, hairdressing, and sewing. She even had air conditioning, which was unheard of among the normally no-frills Japanese warships.

She was never dispatched to combat partly because she consumed monstrous quantities of resources, and was considered too costly (and too slow) to throw into combat. In Kantai Collection, this is often shown by Akagi_(Kantai_Collection) suddenly being surprised to find someone who can outeat even her.

Like in real life, because she is so heavy, expensive, and slow, almost nobody uses her in the game, and the Kongou_(Kantai_Collection) and Nagato_Kantai_Collection) are far more popular. Musashi's introduction didn't help her popularity issues, as her sister was far more exotic than her.

Because of her historical counterpart having a career mostly based around impressing people, housing high-ranking staff and looking cool, Yamato is often depicted as a shy and soft-spoken housewife.

pixiv tags: 大和, 大和(艦隊これくしょん), 大和(艦これ)

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