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A 2014 fantasy anime TV series written and directed by Umetsu_Yasuomi who also did the character designs. It is the second anime TV series that he has directed and was animated by Arms_(studio). The music is composed by Konishi Kayo and Kondoo Yukio. It ran from January 13, 2014 to March 31, 2014.

In the series setting, there are two types of people in the world: regular humans and wizards. Wizards are far more powerful than regular humans and their abilities can be used to cause great destruction, which has led to many humans developing a fear of wizards. Because of their superhuman abilities, regular law enforcement is insufficient to handle them so to prevent wizards from becoming above the law, a special legal system has been created. Criminal cases involving wizards are handled by the Court of Magic with the wizards being represented by special lawyers called Wizard Barristers. Yet the legal system has serious flaws and it is not uncommon for innocent wizards to be unjustly punished.

Sudou Cecil is an idealistic upstart Wizard Barrister from Canada who moves to Japan to join the law firm Butterfly. She has a strong sense of justice as well as a strong grasp of the legal system. She is motivated by the desire to one day free her mother, who was unjustly imprisoned, from prison. Cecil is unique in that she is the youngest barrister to ever become a barrister. As Cecil solves more cases at Butterfly, it becomes apparent that her youth is not the only reason she is unique and she attracts the attention of a mysterious group of mages. . .

The series combines fantasy action and courtroom drama as the heroes often get involved in both battles with other mages as well as debating against other lawyers in the courtroom.

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