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1girl 2boys armor assault_rifle black_gloves bullpup cal-141 chris_obrooks clenched_hand gloves gun halo_(series) halo_legends helmet highres holding holding_gun holding_weapon ma5 multiple_boys odst power_armor rifle spartan_(halo) visor walking weapon
 1boy 1girl angry armor blush cal-141 carrying couple fume halo_(game) halo_(series) halo_legends helmet hobbang long_hair o'brian_(halo) odst power_armor power_suit princess_carry science_fiction spartan spartan_(halo) sweatdrop
 1girl 2boys animated animated_gif black_hair blonde_hair explosion fighting fist_bump halo_(game) halo_(series) halo_legends helmet lowres monster multiple_boys non-web_source spartan spartan-1337
 1girl armor blonde_hair cal-141 cloud full_armor halo_(game) halo_(series) halo_legends unworn_headwear helmet unworn_helmet hip_focus kuroi-tsuki lips power_armor power_suit science_fiction signature solo wide_hips yellow_eyes