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A wiener or hot_dog that has been cut to look like an octopus, often seen in bento boxes. Kani-san_wiener is the crab-shaped variant.

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 1girl asymmetrical_legwear black_gloves brown_background brown_hair closed_eyes elbow_gloves fang food food_art gloves hair_ribbon highres kantai_collection kobone long_hair onigiri oversized_object pelvic_curtain ribbon seiza simple_background single_elbow_glove single_glove single_thighhigh sitting skin_fang solo tako-san_wiener thighhighs tone_(kancolle) tone_kai_ni_(kancolle) twintails uneven_legwear white_ribbon
 1girl absurdres arm_support bench bento chopsticks closed_mouth collared_shirt food food_art gokou_ruri grey_skirt highres hime_cut holding holding_chopsticks incoming_food kneehighs light_blush long_hair looking_at_viewer mole mole_under_eye ore_no_imouto_ga_konna_ni_kawaii_wake_ga_nai petals pleated_skirt purple_eyes purple_hair purple_socks scarletsky shirt sitting skirt socks solo tako-san_wiener white_shirt
 1girl :o arm_support bento blanket bottle bow broccoli cherry_blossoms cherry_tomato choppy_bangs chopsticks copyright day falling_petals flower food food_art frilled_sleeves frills grass hair_bow hanami holding holding_chopsticks incoming_food japanese_clothes kimono kimono_skirt lens_flare lettuce long_hair long_sleeves maid_headdress official_art omelet petals picnic pink_flower pink_kimono purple_hair red_skirt rice sakuramon shrimp shrimp_tempura sid_story sila_(carpen) sitting skirt solo sparkle tako-san_wiener tamagoyaki tempura tomato tree wide_sleeves wing_hair_ornament yellow_bow yellow_eyes yokozuwari
 2girls :d ^_^ bento black_hair black_socks blanket blue_bow blurry blush bow capelet chopsticks closed_eyes cup day depth_of_field dress eating eyelashes eyes_visible_through_hair facing_away feet_out_of_frame fingernails food food_art from_above green_eyes hair_between_eyes hair_bow hand_to_own_mouth hand_up head_tilt highres holding holding_chopsticks indoors kanon kawasumi_mai kneehighs kurata_sayuri leaning_forward light_brown_hair long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_girls no_shoes non-web_source omelet open_mouth ponytail purple_bow red_dress school_uniform seiza shiny_skin short_dress sidelocks sitting smile socks steam straight_hair tako-san_wiener tamagoyaki teeth thermos thighs upper_body very_long_hair white_capelet zen_(kamuro)
 6+girls :3 :d ^_^ absurdres akausagi bento black_cape black_headwear blonde_hair blue_hair blue_jacket blue_skirt blurry blush brown_skirt cape character_request cherry_blossoms closed_eyes closed_mouth commentary_request day depth_of_field double_bun dress_shirt drooling eating eyelashes eyepatch eyes_visible_through_hair facing_viewer falling_petals food food_art full_body furrowed_brow garden grass green_hair hair_between_eyes hair_bun hair_ornament hair_over_one_eye hairclip hanami hand_up hat heaven_burns_red highres jacket kayamori_ruka kunimi_tama long_hair looking_at_viewer military_hat miniskirt mole mole_under_mouth mouth_drool multiple_girls murohushi_risa necktie on_grass one_eye_covered open_mouth outdoors petals picnic pink_hair plaid plaid_skirt pleated_skirt red_eyes red_necktie red_thighhighs sailor_collar school_uniform seiza selfie shirt short_hair sidelocks sitting skirt smile smug straight_hair tako-san_wiener thighhighs tree twintails very_long_hair waving white_hair white_sailor_collar white_shirt white_thighhighs yellow_eyes zettai_ryouiki
 1girl asymmetrical_legwear balabling cherry cup dango food food_art fork fruit full_body gloves heart highres holding holding_skewer knife limited_palette mismatched_legwear onigiri original oversized_object pennant pink_theme plate ribbon skewer solo star_(symbol) star_print string_of_flags striped striped_thighhighs stuffed_animal stuffed_toy tako-san_wiener teddy_bear thighhighs waffle wagashi

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