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(川尻 善昭)

Animator, writer and director born on November 18, 1950. He started his career at Mushi Production Animation in 1969 and after Mushi closed in 197s, he joined Madhouse Studios where he has remained ever since.

He is known for often directing dark science fiction and fantasy action/horror anime films and OVAs, some of which, like Ninja Scroll, are known for being quite violent and for featuring brief sexually explicit scenes. He frequently adapts the novels of Kikuchi Hideyuki into animation. His work often has a short-haired female lead who will endure quite a bit of tragedy over the course of the story whereas his male leads often take on quite a few henchmen and women with unusual abilities before confronting the main antagonist.

Kawajiri was one of the Japanese animators who worked on The Animatrix, directing the episode Program.

His work:

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