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 .45_acp 1girl blush bow brown_eyes brown_hair can chains drooling energy_drink female gun hair_bow highres horn_ribbon horns ibuki_suika long_hair mac-10 machine_pistol necktie pointy_ears ribbon ryousan_gataki simple_background skirt solo submachine_gun touhou weapon white_background  .45_acp 1boy alternate_costume blonde_hair brown_hair chiya_(sere1) drum_magazine eyes_closed flower formal gangster gun hat highres leon_s_kennedy male_focus md5_mismatch necktie resident_evil resident_evil_4 rose scarf solo submachine_gun suit thompson_submachine_gun weapon  .45_acp 1girl 2595 5.56x45mm_nato acog animal_ears armalite_m16 assault_rifle bad_id blonde_hair boots call_of_duty call_of_duty:_black_ops camouflage combat_handgun combat_ready dakku_(ogitsune) engrish explosive fingerless_gloves fox_ears fox_tail gloves green_eyes grenade gun handgun hat infantry ka-bar_knife knife long_hair m16 m1911 m67_fragmentation m84_flashbang military military_uniform pistol ranguage rifle sleeves_rolled_up smiley_face solo tactical_knife tail thighhighs trigger_discipline uniform weapon  .45_acp 2boys black_hair chains cross formal glowing glowing_eyes gun h&k_usp handgun heckler_&_koch high_collar highres left-handed male_focus multiple_boys nicholas_d_wolfwood open_collar short_hair skull suit sunglasses trigun vash_the_stampede weapon  .45_acp 12-gauge_combat 2girls 5.56x45mm_nato 6+boys alfa_combat arcobaleno assault_rifle bandage black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair braid brown_eyes brown_hair collared_shirt colonello facial_hair fedora fon_(reborn) formal glasses green_hair ground_vehicle gun h&k_g36c handgun hands_on_hips hat headband heckler_&_koch hood katekyo_hitman_reborn! labcoat lal_mirch long_hair mammon_(reborn) mossberg mossberg_590 motor_vehicle motorcycle multiple_boys multiple_girls necktie pump-action_shotgun purple_hair reborn rifle sawada_tsunayoshi shirt short_hair sideburns skull_(reborn) stubble suit test_tube uni_(reborn) vehicle verde weapon