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A dark ultra-violent cyberpunk action horror anime/manga. The manga was written and drawn by Takezaki_Tony and ran from 1993 to 1994. The anime OVA ran from May 24, 1994 to July 21, 1994. It was directed by Ohata_Koichi and written by Ohata and Aikawa Shou. The music was composed by Kagoshima Hiroaki and Nakazawa Takehito. The characters were designed by Yamagata_Atsuji. The anime and manga are significantly different from each other although they both involve super-powered psychic beings.

The original manga tells the story of Elaine and Diana Morgan, twin sisters with incredible psychic abilities. Their father, Professor Morgan, is a brilliant scientist who's doing experiments with their abilities, but decides to back out of the project when one of the experiments puts Diana's life in danger. However, Morgan's less scrupulous co-worker, Kenneth, insists on continuing the project and makes a deal with the ruthless executive Garnes Back to force the professor to continue the experiment. The original manga, however, lasted only 5 chapters ending before it resolved its story.

The OVA tells the story of Elaine, a troubled and mute teen female psychic. She lives in world where the worlds' nations are combining to form a new global government. She, along with her crippled older sister Diana, is part of a project, funded by the mega corporation Kuryu Group, to create a superweapon called the Genocyber, which will be created by combining the powers and consciousness of the psychic sisters. Elaine, however, wants nothing to do with this project and the lonely girl's only desire is companionship. The scientist responsible for the project is willing do anything in his power to get Elaine under his control and create the Genocyber. The factions pursuing Elaine 'succeed' in creating Genocyber when, in their pursuit of Elaine, provoke her to the point that she lashes back violently and merges her consciousness with Diana. Elaine becomes Genocyber and cuts a bloody swath through the agents sent after her, jump-starting a bloody conflict between Elaine and various factions after her that lasts for many years.

The first episode of the OVA is notably longer than the others, spanning 45 minutes, whereas the other episodes are 20-30 minutes in length. Many of the characters in the OVA only appear in 1 or 2 episodes with Elaine being the only character that appears in every episode. Each episode also has a different setting and a mostly different cast, giving each episode a somewhat different feel. The OVA, unlike the manga, was able to resolve its narrative.

The series, especially the OVA, is famous for the extremely graphic and brutal nature of its violence, where even children are not spared from suffering grisly demises.

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