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A Japanese animation studio founded in 1984 by Anno_Hideaki, Sadamoto_Yoshiyuki, Akai Takumi, Higuchi Shinji, Okada Toshio, and Takeda Yasuhiro who were all university students and friends at the time. It has created numerous anime original works as well as adaptations of manga. Their first notable work was Daicon_III and since then, they have created both serious and contemplative works like Neon_Genesis_Evangelion and Ōritsu Uchūgun: Oneamisu no Tsubasa (Wings of Honneamise) as well as over the top and outrageous anime like Panty_&_Stocking_with_Gartebelt and FLCL. The founders of the studio are passionate anime fans and Okada used to describe himself as an otaku king. Accordingly, Gainax's work is often filled with references to other anime and non-anime sources.

The studio went through multiple eras with the 1980s-1990s mostly consisting of anime created in part by its original founders, the 2000s-2010 era (when most of their anime was created by the animators/directors who would eventually form Trigger_(company)), and its final era, (2010s-2024, when the studio steadily declined due to the departure of most of the studio's biggest talents)

They have a tendency to create bizarre or larger than life coming of age stories. Although their work is generally well liked, the studio has a notorious reputation for creating bizarre and controversial endings to their work with the ending to the original Evangelion TV series being one of the most famous examples.

The studio filed for bankruptcy on May 29, 2024 with it being publicly announced on June 7. The rights of some of their biggest hits like Evangelion, Panty & Stocking have also been transferred to their original creators who went to other studios.

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 1girl 2001 ayanami_rei bandages black_socks blue_background blue_hair breasts gainax naked_bandage neon_genesis_evangelion nipples official_art panties red_eyes short_hair socks solo underwear utatane_hiroyuki white_panties
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