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A 2014 Taimanin Asagi game developed by Lilith-soft. This installment of the franchise differs from past installments in that it's a battle RPG game albeit one with explicit mind break themed sex scenes like the rest of the franchise. The game's artwork is drawn by a wide variety of artists, including Taimanin series artist Kagami, Aoi_Nagisa_(artist), Butcha-U Fei_(Maidoll), Zol, Shindou_L, mangaka Hiroe_Rei, Erect_Sawaru. The game also has the largest cast of characters in the series, bringing back most of the series regulars and introducing many new characters. It also includes characters from other Lilith-soft works. Follows: Taimanin_Asagi_3 Taimanin_Yukikaze Related: Koutetsu_no_Majo_Anneroze onmyou_kishi_towako Taimaseiko_Alice Mahou_Shoujo_Fairy_Knights

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