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A protective medical device worn by an animal, usually a cat or dog, which is shaped like a truncated cone. Its purpose is to prevent the animal from biting or licking at its body or scratching at its head or neck while wounds or injuries heal. Colloquially known as a "cone of shame".

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Neck_ruff: The Elizabethan-era fashion that inspired the name of this.

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 3girls animal_ears anisphia_wynn_palettia apron blush bow bowtie braid cat_tail coat commentary_request dog_ears dog_tail dress euphyllia_magenta flying_sweatdrops greyscale high_heels highres implied_yuri juliet_sleeves kemonomimi_mode koyomania lainie_cyan long_hair long_sleeves maid maid_apron monochrome multiple_girls pantyhose pet_cone puff_of_air puffy_sleeves shadow shirt short_hair simple_background skirt tail tensei_oujo_to_tensai_reijou_no_mahou_kakumei trembling under_covers white_background
 2girls anisphia_wynn_palettia blonde_hair closed_eyes closed_mouth commentary_request euphyllia_magenta grey_hair grey_shirt koyomania long_hair medium_hair multiple_girls night on_bed pajamas pet_cone pillow pink_shirt shirt short_sleeves sleeping tears tensei_oujo_to_tensai_reijou_no_mahou_kakumei under_covers
 1girl animal_ears arknights armor beads blurry dog_ears dripping full_body hand_up highres holding holding_staff ink_(medium) japanese_armor knee_guards long_hair monmor pet_cone photo_(medium) prayer_beads saga_(arknights) solo staff tabi traditional_media walking
 1girl alternate_costume animal_ears animal_print armband artist_request belt black_armband black_cat black_coat black_collar black_eyes black_fur black_hair black_hat black_mask black_sleeves breasts brown_hair cat cat_ears cat_nose cat_ornament cat_print cat_tail chain closed_mouth coat collar collarbone colored_sclera contrapposto cropped_shirt double_vertical_stripe esmeralda_(final_gear) fang final_gear full_body half_updo hand_on_own_hip hat hat_tip high_ponytail highres hip_bones holding holding_wallet horizontal-striped_socks large_breasts lone_nape_hair long_sleeves mask midriff mismatched_pants mouth_mask navel official_art open_mouth pants paw_print pet_cone pocket short_shorts shorts simple_background single_bare_leg sitting sleeves_past_elbows smile socks solo standing straight_hair striped_coat tachi-e tail tears third-party_source tight_clothes tight_pants tongue torn_clothes torn_pants transparent_background triangle turtleneck two-tone_fur urban_style vertical-striped_coat vertical-striped_sleeves wallet wedge_heels white_belt white_collar white_footwear white_fur white_sleeves white_socks wrist_straps yellow_eyes yellow_sclera
 2girls 4boys animal animal_focus bandaged_arm bandaged_tail bandages bandaid border cat coat commentary covered_mouth from_above full_body green_coat green_eyes green_shirt highres intravenous_drip looking_at_viewer lying multiple_boys multiple_girls on_back orange_background original outside_border oversized_animal pet_cone shirt signature simple_background size_difference stuffed_shrimp stuffed_toy symbol-only_commentary syringe tonbippo08 veterinarian white_border
 1boy 1girl animal_ear_fluff animal_ears armlet belt black_footwear blue_eyes blue_jumpsuit blue_sclera body_fur boots brown_footwear brown_jacket brown_pants claws closed_mouth collared_jumpsuit colored_sclera feet_out_of_frame fox_ears fox_girl fox_tail full_body furry furry_female furry_male gloves grey_fur hand_up high_collar highres jacket joker_(smile_precure!) jumpsuit knee_up knees_up long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer multiple_views muzzle open_mouth orange_fur orange_hair original pants pet_cone plaid plaid_pants precure rata_(norahasu) sharp_teeth simple_background sitting sleeveless_jumpsuit slit_pupils smile_precure! studded_belt studded_bracelet tail teeth translation_request white_background white_hair wolf_boy wolf_ears wolf_tail wolfrun

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