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The codename of the titular James Bond character.

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 007 2boys akuta_michi bird black_hair blonde_hair cigarette glasses green_eyes james_bond james_bond_(series) multiple_boys q_(james_bond) skyfall  007 1boy akuta_michi black_hair glasses green_eyes james_bond james_bond_(series) lying q_(james_bond) skyfall solo_focus  007 1girl afunai blonde_hair gun james_bond_(series) kill_me_baby long_hair necktie parody school_uniform sonya_(kill_me_baby) translation_request twintails weapon  007 23_(real_xxiii) 2girls ahoge ahoge_girl_(23) aiming_at_viewer asymmetrical_docking bare_legs bare_shoulders blonde_hair blue_eyes breast_press breasts cleavage couple dark-skinned_girl_(23) dark_skin earrings erect_nipples finger_on_trigger formal gloves good_end gun handgun high_heels highres james_bond_(series) jewelry large_breasts legs lips long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_girls navel open_mouth original sandals shoes short_hair silver_hair simple_background skyfall smile suit translated trigger_discipline walther weapon white_background white_gloves wife_and_wife yuri  007 2boys absurdres blonde_hair brilcrist computer_keyboard cup daniel_craig deer earpiece formal glasses gradient gradient_background gun handgun highres james_bond james_bond_(series) male_focus multiple_boys necktie pistol q_(james_bond) realistic short_hair skyfall stag suit teacup trigger_discipline weapon  007 1boy adjusting_eyewear black_hair chinaanchor glasses james_bond james_bond_(series) male_focus q_(james_bond) semi-rimless_glasses short_hair skyfall solo v-neck

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