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Mila (Katakana: ミラ, Rōmaji: Mira), AKA ' Hot-Blooded Fighter Who Dares to Dream' is a young Spanish_(nationality) woman with slightly freckled skin and light brown eyes. She is an MMA fighter and a part-time diner waitress who made her debut in the 2012 title Dead or Alive 5, alongside Rig. Mila is a huge Bass_Armstrong fan ever since she was a child.

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 1girl artist_name azuma_yasuo black_hair boots breasts brown_eyes clenched_hands closed_mouth commentary commission dead_or_alive dead_or_alive_5 full_body high_heel_boots high_heels highres knee_boots lips long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_breasts midriff mila_(doa) multicolored_hair navel pink_background red_hair shadow short_hair short_shorts shorts simple_background smile solo stomach thighs wristband zipper zipper_pull_tab
 mila_(doa) tagme
 highres mila_(doa) tagme
 mila_(doa) tagme
 mila_(doa) tagme
 2girls bikini closed_eyes clothed_sex dark_skin dead_or_alive finger_in_another&#039;s_mouth highres interracial licking lisa_hamilton mila_(doa) multicolored_hair multiple_girls on_table see-through_swimsuit swimsuit table yuri

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