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Tag refers to images referencing the popular Canadian actor/filmmaker/musician who is most famous for playing Theodore Logan, his breakthrough role, in the Bill & Ted film series, Neo in The_Matrix franchise, and John_Wick_(character) in the John_Wick series. He is of mixed ancestry; his mother is English while his father is a Hawaiian-American man who is a mix of Native Hawaiian, Chinese, and Portuguese. He is a pale-skinned man with dark hair who often alternates between going clean-shaven or growing a beard. He was born on September 2, 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon.

As a youth, he focused mostly on sports and initially planned to become a hockey player, but a knee injury ended that dream. He started acting in Canadian theater at the age of 9 starring in a theatre production of Damn Yankees. His first major role on-screen was in 1984 acting as a correspondent for the Canadian children's newsmagazine show Going Great in 1984. Afterwards, he moved to Hollywood where he has remained since. He often alternates between doing lower budget independent films and big blockbusters.

Besides his acting career, he also plays guitar for the grunge band Dogstar and has directed a movie of his own: Man of Tai Chi. He is also known for being very accommodating and friendly towards his fellow cast and crew members, being willing to take pay cuts so filmmakers can hire a big name actor or in the case of The Matrix, donating a lot of the money he earned from the films to the special effects crew because he believed they deserved a lot of the credit for the franchise's success and making friends with many of the stuntmen who he would go on to collaborate with on subsequent movies.

He is also the subject of two popular memes: The first is the Sad Keanu meme, inspired by a picture of him eating a sandwich alone on a bench as well as the discovery of some of the more tragic aspects of his personal life, a meme that he is aware of and has been interviewed about. The second is the claim that Reeves is actually an immortal due to his lack of visible aging over the course of his decades spanning career as well as the discovery that Reeves bears a striking resemblance to multiple historical figures.

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