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Images featuring only male characters, or with an overwhelming emphasis on male characters. Do not use on male-to-female genderswaps, or any image with an easily noticeable female presence. (You'd think this would be obvious, but apparently it's not.)

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 1boy black_hair blade_(galaxist) full_body hand_behind_head killian_phegor lowres male_focus official_art pointy_ears pop-up_story shinigami solo transparent_background yellow_eyes  1boy angel angel_wings blade_(galaxist) blush full_body halo looking_at_viewer low_wings lowres luke_venus male_focus mini_wings official_art pointy_ears pop-up_story purple_eyes school_uniform silver_hair smile transparent_background wings  2boys :d ahoge black_hair clothes_writing english heart heart-shaped_eyewear honebami_toushirou l_a_n_a male_focus multiple_boys namazuo_toushirou open_mouth ponytail purple_eyes seashell shell shirt shorts smile starfish sunglasses t-shirt tank_top touken_ranbu visor_cap water_gun white_hair  >:) 1boy ahoge armor black_hair japanese_armor l_a_n_a male_focus military military_uniform namazuo_toushirou necktie ponytail purple_eyes smile sode sword touken_ranbu uniform wakizashi weapon  2boys ahoge black_hair cup gloves gloves_removed honebami_toushirou l_a_n_a male_focus military military_uniform multiple_boys namazuo_toushirou ponytail pouring purple_eyes seiza senbei sitting smile table teapot touken_ranbu uniform white_hair yunomi  2boys black_hair checkered checkered_background facepaint flower hagoita hakama honebami_toushirou japanese_clothes konnosuke l_a_n_a male_focus multiple_boys namazuo_toushirou new_year one_eye_closed paddle paintbrush purple_eyes smile sparkle touken_ranbu white_hair

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