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Tag type: General

A long armored cuff worn around the forearm. Often seen with gauntlets. For tagging purposes, use this if the cuff is present but the character is not wearing gauntlets.

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Last updated: 03/18/18 5:53 AM by AngryZapdos
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1girl ahoge asymmetrical_legwear bangs belt between_legs black_gloves black_shorts blonde_hair boots breasts brown_footwear brown_jacket buckle cleavage dirty fingerless_gloves fire floating_hair gauntlets gloves hand_between_legs high_heel_boots high_heels jacket kneehighs large_breasts long_hair midriff navel orange_scarf over-kneehighs purple_eyes red_lips rwby sakimichan scarf shell_casing shorts sidelocks solo squatting strapless tattoo thigh_boots thighhighs torn_clothes tubetop vambraces waist_cape wavy_hair wind wind_lift yang_xiao_long 1girl abs armor armpits arms_up bikini_armor black_panties blonde_hair blue_eyes boots braid breasts circlet commentary_request f.s. gloves highres large_breasts lips long_hair looking_at_viewer midair midriff muscle muscular_female navel open_mouth original panties shield shiny shiny_hair shiny_skin skindentation solo sword teeth thighs tongue twin_braids underwear vambraces weapon  1girl abs armor armpits arms_up bikini bikini_armor breasts circlet cleavage commentary_request dated f.s. gladius highres large_breasts legs_together lips long_hair looking_at_viewer muscle muscular_female navel parted_lips red_hair red_sonja red_sonja_(comics) revealing_clothes shiny shiny_hair shiny_skin skindentation smile solo standing swimsuit sword underboob vambraces warrior weapon  1girl anbe_yoshirou animal apple black_cat black_scarf blonde_hair cat dark_skin dusty_(gravity_daze) food fruit gravity_daze gravity_daze_2 hairband high_heels highres kitten_(gravity_daze) leg_warmers long_hair looking_at_viewer red_eyes scarf solo strapless vambraces 3girls animal_ears armor ashelia_b'nargin_dalmasca bangs belt blonde_hair blue_eyes bottle braid breasts brown_eyes brown_hair bunny_ears commentary dagger detached_sleeves dice_(dice963) display earrings eye_contact fantasy final_fantasy final_fantasy_xii fran hand_up hat height_difference helmet holding holding_weapon indoors jewelry jewelry_removed long_hair looking_at_another multiple_girls open_mouth penelo petite pointing potion ring shop short_hair skirt sleeveless small_breasts smile standing swept_bangs sword twin_braids twitter_username vambraces viera weapon white_hair witch_hat yellow_eyes 1girl animal apple black_cat black_scarf blonde_hair cat dark_skin dusty_(gravity_daze) falling food fruit gravity_daze gravity_daze_2 hairband high_heels kitten_(gravity_daze) kona_(konahana) leg_warmers leotard red_eyes scarf smile solo strapless vambraces

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