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Tagging Checklist

This checklist of tagging criteria has been prepared in order to give a comprehensive idea on things to look out for when tagging. The tagging criteria has been categorized by priority to bring attention to the more important tags.

For your easy reference, common tags, along with links to relevant tag groups have been provided.

As the checklist is quite long, please take it easy when familiarizing yourself with this list. Begin with the more important tags at Level 0 (and all sub-levels), and then work your way upwards.

About Tagging Priorities

Lower level tags are essential tags. Images lacking lower level tags are considered insufficient for efficient cataloging and searching.

Higher level tags are extra tags which describe the more intricate details of an image, but are more difficult to apply correctly, usually due to potential for debate, or a higher requirement of knowledge of otherwise obscure topics such as memes.

Note to taggers: This checklist is still in a very early stage, You may help out in expanding this checklist. However, if any part of this list grows too large, please inform the forums about creating a tag_group. Remember to reference this tagging checklist!

Ignore, Do NOT Tag

Subjective tags that express opinions or subjective critique on images. Common examples are badass, cute, good, evil, moe, sexy and most other adjectives. A full list of known subjective tags may be found at Tag_group:Subjective.

Subjective themes, such as misleading thumbnails or lingerie ninja are also not to be tagged.

These are better done with Pools, or even multiple tags.


Subjective tags and themes best left as pools include: badass, Disgustingly Adorable, and Clever

Very generic themes best left as multiple tags.

Blondes in Bikini blonde_hair + bikini
Bloody Fighting: battle + blood
Izayoi Sakuya in lingerie: izayoi_sakuya + lingerie
Muscular Kirisame Marisa: kirisame_marisa + muscle
Portraits of Hatsune Miku: portrait + hatsune_miku or solo + hatsune_miku

Priority: Level 0, Basic Identification

All posts MUST have these tags, if possible. These tags are responsible for making Gelbooru minimally searchable, and allow content filtering for viewers who do not like sexual content, or images with commonly blacklisted tags.


Artist (prefix with artist: when creating a new tag)
* If the artist does not currently have a tag on Gelbooru, consider creating a new one. If you don't know how to read their name to create a tag, consider asking in the forum topic Gardeners Guild: Discuss Tagging Here! forum #1706, where someone is likely to help you come up with a name for the tag.
Copyright (prefix with copyright: when creating a new tag)
Character (prefix with character: when creating a new tag)
* Character lists from popular copyrights are available at tag_groups, in the Characters section.
* Use this tag for illustrations that feature characters that are not related to any kind of copyright.
* Frequently, these characters appear only in the one illustration, and will not have a name. In these cases, it isn't necessary to include character tags for them; the original tag is enough.
* Sometimes, such a character may become recurring, limited to a single artist, or multiple artists on a very small scale. (In this case, they may have names. Most such named original characters can be found in the list_of_original_characters.)


* See: howto:rate
* (use the Ratings choice list.
Spoilers (Important: apply if image is a potential spoiler)
Let's keep Gelbooru a spoiler-free community.

Basic Image Content

* battle
* chasing
* fighting
* leaning
* running
* sitting
* squatting
* standing
* walking
Posture, see tag_group:posture
Face, see tag_group:face_tags
* Eyes, see tag_group:eyes_tags
Facial Expressions, see tag_group:face_tags
Stylized Facial Emotions
* See tag_group:eyes_tags, in the Emotions section.
* See tag_group:face_tags, in the Emotes section.
Body Colors
* Eye Color, see tag_group:eyes_tags
* Hair Color, see tag_group:hair_color
* Skin Color, see tag_group:skin_color
Body Fluids
* blood
* saliva
* sweat
* peeing (Important: commonly blacklisted tag)
* vomit (Important: commonly blacklisted tag)
Prominently Featured Body Parts
* Body Parts, see tag_group:body_parts
* Hair
** ahoge
** Hairstyle, see tag_group:hair_styles
* Visible Skin/Level of Nudity
** bare_shoulders
** breasts, see tag_group:breasts_tags
** midriff
** muscle
*** abs
** navel
** nude
Wear/Costume, tops and bottoms
* stockings
* Attire, see, see tag_group:attire
* Intimate/Sexual Attire, see tag_group:sexual_attire

Priority: Level 0-i, Sexually Explicit

These are basic tags specific to sexually explicit images.
Important Note: If any of these tags are applied to an image, consider setting the Rating to Explicit, as it will often (but not always) be appropriate, and Gelbooru does not automatically do it for you. See howto:rate for precise guidelines regarding ratings.

* cum, see tag for more information.
** cum_on_ass
** cum_on_lower_body
** cum_on_upper_body
** cum_in_pussy
** cum_in_ass
* ejaculation
Body Parts, see tag_group:body_parts
* penis
* pussy
* anus
Sexual Actions, see tag_group:sex_acts
* sex
Sexual Positions, see Tag_group:Sexual_positions
* straddling
Sexual Themes, see tag_group:sex_acts
* bdsm
* exhibitionism
* group_sex
* public_sex
* rape
defloration (bleeding from broken hymen)
Objects, see tag_group:sex_objects

Priority: Level 0-ii, Information and Requests

These tags indicate if additional information about an image, such as translations or artist commentaries are available.

Information Present

* To be added only when the image is considered fully translated, see howto:translate.
* To be added only when a (fully translated, if necessary) commentary from the original artist is quoted in the comments of a post.


* To be added and retained until artist has been confirmed
* To be added and retained until all characters, foreground or background have been confirmed identified.
* bad_translation
* check_translation
* partially_translated
* These tags to be added and retained until image is considered fully translated, see howto:translate.

Priority: Level 0-iii, Technical Image Information and Source

These tags are to used to identify specifications of an image such as pixel size (dimensions), file sizes and types of sources.

Image Sizes
* highres (1600x1200 or larger)
* absurdres (3200x2400 or larger)
* incredibly absurdres (any dimension above 10000)
* lowres (500x500 or lower, a lot of pixel art are lowres)
* Note: Sizes are likely to increase over time, as screens with higher pixel counts become more common.
Long Images
* tall_Image (more than 768 pixels tall)
* wide_image (more than 1280 pixels wide)
File Size
* huge_filesize (post exceeds 10 MB)
Illustration Source
* comic
* scan
wallpaper (exactly matches common screen sizes)

Priority: Level 1 - Composition and Foreground Graphic Details

These tags are used to identify things happening in the foreground. Adding these tags brings Gelbooru to an acceptable level of searchability.

* against_wall
* against_tree
Composition and Artistic Genre
* landscape
* no_humans
* portrait
** solo
* still_life
Character Archetypes, Jobs and Classes see tag_group:jobs
* dominatrix
* miko
* ninja
* witch
Color of Image, see tag_group:colors
* monochrome
Decorations on Image
* border
Gestures, see tag_group:gestures
Generic Character Groupings and Pairings
* couple
* Females
** 1girl
** 2girls
** 3girls
** 4girls
** 5girls
** 6+girls
** multiple_girls
** female_focus
* Males
** 1boy
** 2boys
** 3boys
** 4boys
** 5boys
** 6+boys
** multiple_boys
** male_focus
* harem
* everyone
Objects in Foreground or Held or Operated by Characters
* Audio Equipment, see tag_group:audio_tags
* Musical Equipment, see tag_group:audio_tags
Legendary Creatures, see tag_group:legendary_creatures
* Includes supernatural humanoids or 'races' such as demon, god, goddess...
* from_above
* from_behind
* from_below
* pov
Wear/Costume (Accessories)
* hair_ornament

Priority: Level 2, Background Graphic Details and Artistic Errors

These tags identify things happening in the background. Adding these tags greatly enhance Gelbooru's searchability, possibly to the level of professional image databases such as GettyImages.

* child
* younger
* teenage
* older
Artistic Errors
* error
** bad_anatomy
** bad_feet
** bad_hands
** bad_perspective
** bad_proportions
* poorly drawn
* Note: Error tags are the only technically subjective tags approved for use on Gelbooru, due to their relations with the highly subjective nature of moderation.
* Background and Scenery
** Tag_group:Backgrounds
*** checkered_background
*** simple_background
** Scenery
*** indoors
*** jungle
*** mountain
* Real World Locations, see tag_group:real_world_locations
Objects in Background
* They usually carry a suffix (in picture).
Time of Day
* day
* night
* twilight
* blizzard
* blue_sky
* cloudy_sky / cloud
* fog
* rain
* snowing / snow
* sun

Priority: Level 3, Additional Artistic Details, Canons and Memes

These tags are for those with an intimate knowledge of the of the images they are searching for, such as artistic techniques, celebrities and family relationships.

Celebrities/Real World People, see tag_group:people
Characters, Implied
* animalization
* objectification
* personification
* Example: Cake Representing Patchouli Knowledge, post #553405
* Example: Cockroach Representing Wriggle Nightbug (meme), post #683925
Family Relationships, see tag_group:family_relationships
* Note: requires intimate knowledge of
Medium, Traditional
* traditional_media
* marker_(medium)
* watercolor_(medium)
* pencils_(medium)
* These tags are only for art created without a computer (bar scanning or photography). They usually carry a suffix (medium) to resolve ambiguities with many tags.
Memes, see tag_group:meme
Artistic Technique, Method of Creation/Preparation
* 3D
* oekaki
* pixel_art
Text and Languages
* chinese
* japanese
** kanji
* korean
** hangul (use korean)
* russian
* year, see Tag_group:Year_tags

Priority: Level 4, Microscopic Details

These tags identify extremely minute details in the background, often missed by a glance. The importance of tagging these details may be under debate, as they can either make or break the searchability of our images depending on the situation.

Characters that appear far in the background
Characters which are only partially visible
Characters whose point of view is the subject of the image


Please check if tags have been accidentally created, usually due to a spelling error or simply things like cultural differences between taggers. Such tags can be identified on the left side of a post's full view. If you see general tags with a count of less than 5 (often exactly 1), those tags may have been accidentally created.

Different taggers may have different words to describe the same actions, objects and events. Familiarizing yourself with the tag_groups is particularly important to find out which tags Gelbooru uses. If you have any issues, it will be best to consult the forums.

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