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Game by Carmine

At the first day of the second semester, Shin is on his way to a new school that his uncle has become the president. He has fired all the teachers, and hired beautiful female teachers instead. The reason is to seduce male students and their fathers because his school is an elite school. He just wants to have powerful connections with them. And Shin transfers to this school to give the female teachers sex training, and make them sex slaves....

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 12nin_no_onna_kyoushi_re-innovation 12nin_no_onna_kyoushi_re-innovation_-in- 6+girls aihara_shizuka bare_shoulders bdsm black_hair blonde_hair blue_hair blush breastless_clothes breasts breasts_outside brown_hair carmine collar collarbone cowboy_shot furubuchi_sayuri game_cg glasses hairband harness hashimoto_miho highleg juunin_no_jokyoushi katakura_ryouko large_breasts leotard lineup long_hair machida_natsumi multiple_girls nippleless_clothes nipples purple_eyes red_eyes red_hair sakurajima_saromako short_hair standing yabe_nao