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Covers the entire series. It is an iconic long-running American spy franchise that began as a spy thriller TV series created by Bruce Geller. The TV series ran from September 1966 to March 1973. Its soundtrack was composed by Lalo Schifrin. It revolved around the adventures of the IMF (the Impossible Mission Force), a team of spies, led by Dan Briggs (in the first season) and Jim Phelps (second season onwards) The series was heavily inspired by the 1964 heist film Topkapi with each episode adopting its caper style structure with the audience getting to watch the main characters assemble a team, set up and plan for the episode's mission and finally execute it. The TV series was immensely successful, earning multiple Emmy awards throughout its run. The series popularized many conventions that are associated with the spy genre, such as self destructing messages and its score has become as synonymous with espionage as the James Bond franchise's music. The TV series received a revival series that lasted from October 23, 1988 to February 24, 1990. Afterwards, the franchise remained dormant although there were various attempts to get a film made, but none were successful until Tom_Cruise, a fan of the show when he was young and acting as a producer for the first time, decided to make a movie adaptation of it.

The first film in the Mission Impossible film franchise debuted on May 22, 1996. The films focus on a new protagonist Ethan_Hunt, played by Cruise and follows his adventures with his fellow IMF agents. The films inherited many aspects of the series, such as the music, the self destructing mechanisms and assorted gadgets, and the focus on planning and executing the mission. However, they differ in their much greater action focus, which is also one of the films' selling points. Each installment has at least one major stunt sequence, usually performed by Cruise himself with no doubles and minimal digital effects, be highlighted in the films' marketing. Thanks to the films' consistent success, many of these sequences have become iconic and often parodied, and the films were responsible for shifting Cruise's image from a dramatic actor to a daredevil action hero. Each installment notably has a different style and aesthetic. In the earlier entries, this was because Cruise worked with different directors to make the movies and encouraged them to bring their own flair to the story. This difference in tone between each film was preserved even in the later entries, when Christopher Mcquarrie become Cruise's go-to writer and director and the films developed a more consistent cast and stronger continuity. The differences then were achieved by hiring different cinematographers for each film and Mcquarrie intentionally changing up his directing style. The film franchise was enormously successful with almost each entry becoming a blockbuster smash, with the franchise's total box office earnings surpassing 3 billion dollars.

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