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A hatch is a —usually— small metallic door which can be hermetically sealed. Hatches are commonly used in ships, spaceships, aircraft, submarines, tanks, armored personnel carriers, mechas... and also in the roofs or floors of many buildings.

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 1girl android blonde_hair chair cockpit dokibird_(vtuber) dokibird_(vtuber)_(tomato) full_body hatch highres indie_virtual_youtuber lever men_in_black piloting sitting smile solo tomato ug_nokchok virtual_youtuber
 1boy absurdres arm_up assault_rifle black_coat black_eyes black_gloves blue_background brown_hair cigarette coat dora_(dorrra05) eddsworld evil_grin evil_smile finger_on_trigger flipped_hair gloves grin gun half-closed_eyes hatch helmet highres holding holding_gun holding_weapon hood hood_down hooded_coat long_sleeves looking_at_viewer male_focus medium_hair military_vehicle motor_vehicle open_hatch pickelhaube rifle sanpaku simple_background single_glove smile smoke_trail smoking solo tank tord_(eddsworld) weapon
 1boy 3d absurdres blender_(medium) cannon character_name cockpit commentary comparison concept_art english_commentary english_text hatch helmet highres machinery mecha military_vehicle motor_vehicle multiple_views original photoshop_(medium) pilot realistic robot science_fiction soldier tank uzuki_(uzukinokaze)
 cockpit commentary comparison concept_art earth_federation english_commentary gundam hatch highres machinery mecha mobile_suit mobile_suit_gundam multiple_views no_humans original realistic redesign robot rx-78-2 science_fiction signature sketch uzuki_(uzukinokaze) v-fin
 1girl absurdres arm_up binoculars black_footwear black_skirt blonde_hair blue_eyes boots braid buttons collared_jacket commentary_request darjeeling_(girls_und_panzer) girls_und_panzer hair_between_eyes hand_up hatch highres holding holding_microphone jacket kneeling long_sleeves looking_at_viewer microphone military_jacket one_eye_closed open_mouth periscope pleated_skirt red_jacket short_hair simple_background skirt solo st._gloriana's_military_uniform tamusuguru tank_cupola thighs white_background
 1985 2018 armd board_game card card_(medium) choujikuu_yousai_macross commentary dated emblem energy_cannon english_commentary english_text glowing harmony_gold hatch js_digitalartist landing_bay light logo macross military nebula no_humans official_art playing_card radio_antenna robotech robotech:_force_of_arms roundel space spacecraft star_(symbol) starry_background thrusters turret u.n._spacy vernier_thrusters

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