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In comics, just as the /\/\/\ symbol represents surprise, notice, or revelation, +++ represents laughter, mirth, and intense happiness. Commonly used in place of actual laughter when a character is in the background, or the scene is otherwise silent.

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 +++ 1girl :d @_@ blush breasts detached_sleeves earrings fate/kaleid_liner_prisma_illya fate_(series) flying_sweatdrops gloves gradient gradient_background grey_hair hair_between_eyes hair_ornament illyasviel_von_einzbern jewelry long_hair looking_at_viewer magical_girl magical_ruby nervous_smile nose_blush open_mouth parody peko prisma_illya purple_background purple_eyes rei_no_himo restrained sidelocks signature small_breasts smile solo sweat two_side_up white_gloves +++ 1girl alcohol arm_up beer belt black_hair blush breasts dragon_ball drink earrings eyes_closed fingerless_gloves gloves hair_ribbon happy jacket jewelry long_hair lunch_(dragon_ball) monochrome open_mouth ribbon shirt shorts simple_background smile solo_focus translated white_background white_shirt +++ 1girl :d absurdres akky_(akimi1127) arm_hug bangs bare_shoulders black_dress blue_eyes blush breasts cleavage cleavage_cutout commentary_request dress eyebrows_visible_through_hair fang hair_ornament hairclip heart highres kaguya_luna kaguya_luna_(character) large_breasts long_sleeves looking_at_viewer obi open_mouth sash sidelocks silver_hair simple_background sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile solo_focus sweat twintails white_background  +++ 1girl absurdres ar_(lover_boy) bangs bare_shoulders bikini_top blue_eyes braid breast_hold breasts cleavage collarbone eyebrows_visible_through_hair gradient gradient_background green_bikini_top green_hat hat highres hong_meiling large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer parted_bangs red_hair smile solo star touhou translation_request twin_braids upper_body  >_< +++ 5girls blush comic dress ear_piercing greyscale highres japanese_clothes kimono lip_piercing long_hair mochi_au_lait monochrome multiple_girls no_nose original piercing sleeveless sweat trembling  +++ /\/\/\ 2girls blue_eyes blue_hair braid capelet collar_tug comic doremy_sweet dress french_braid grabbing grey_hair grey_wings half-closed_eyes hat highres horn jacket jizeru_(giselebon) kishin_sagume kneeling long_sleeves looking_at_another mask mask_removed mount_fuji mountain multiple_girls naughty_face nightcap no_mouth open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth pom_pom_(clothes) purple_dress red_eyes red_hat shaded_face short_hair single_wing sitting sleepy smile touhou translation_request wide-eyed wings wrist_grab

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