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Tag type: Character

Character from the adult visual novel Suigetsu. Like cast mate Kotonomiya_Yuki, she's a fan favorite of Futaba_Channel's (and 4chan's) Nijiura board.

Several derivative characters exist based on her:

Waha - A modified chibi version of Suzuran, named after Suzuran's common exclamation of "Waha!"
Musu - Waha's older sister.
Choia - Waha's "pet human."

As it currently stands (based on existing posts' tags) - All Waha posts are also given the Yamato_Suzuran tag. However, not all Yamato_Suzuran posts are Waha posts. Please check Waha's page for information on how to identify her and keep this in mind when tagging.

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1girl :d bike_shorts_pull blue_eyes brown_hair classroom desk dutch_angle fang flower foreshortening game_cg gayarou indoors jpeg_artifacts legs legs_up lily_of_the_valley loli lush open_mouth panties panty_pull pussy school shoes smile sneakers solo striped suigetsu third-party_edit underwear waha white_panties yamato_suzuran 1girl :d ^_^ bike_shorts blue_eyes boots brown_hair commentary_request eyes_closed glomp hair_ornament hairclip head_scarf hug open_mouth short_hair smile suigetsu tampon translation_request walkalone wall_of_text yamato_suzuran 1girl :d bike_shorts blush carrot_hair_ornament eyes_visible_through_hair fang food_themed_hair_ornament frog_hair_ornament gluteal_fold hair_ornament hairclip head_scarf highres lifted_by_self loli long_sleeves looking_at_viewer navel open_mouth orange_hair purple_eyes shirt_lift short_hair smile solo suigetsu translated yamato_suzuran yukino_minato 1girl :d arm_behind_head armpits arms_up barefoot blonde_hair blue_eyes cape commentary_request eyebrows_visible_through_hair fang feet flat_chest hair_ornament hairclip halloween hase_yu hat heart loli looking_at_viewer lying naked_cape navel nipples on_back open_mouth pussy sexually_suggestive short_hair smile solo suggestive_fluid suigetsu thigh_strap witch_hat yamato_suzuran  1girl blush breasts f&c flower game_cg gayarou jpeg_artifacts lily_of_the_valley loli nipples red_hair shirt_lift solo_focus striped suigetsu yamato_suzuran  artist_request blue_eyes blush brown_hair f&c loli panties suigetsu sweater translated underwear wet wet_clothes yamato_suzuran yuu_hase

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