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Tag type: Artist

Japanese male artist, has two artist circles.

Circle names :金色のモンドセレクション *, Kin'iro no mondoserekushon *, ギャラクシーギンガ *, Gyarakushīginga * Some sites will use the group's phonetic names "konjiki no monde selection" and "Galaxy Ginga" provided by Dlsite.

Pixiv nicknames: 金色のモンドセレクション *, Shōuchū kosumo *, ブルーオーシャン青海 *, Burūōshan Oumi *

Pixiv usernames: goldmndsel, muraokoshi-izumizaki

Status Active

Pixiv: (Goldmdsel)
Pixiv: (muraokoshi-izumizaki)
Dlsite: (konjiki no monde selection)
Dlsite: (Galaxy Ginga)
Dlsite: (konjiki no monde selection)
Dlsite: (Galaxy Ginga) (konjiki no monde selection)
Melonbooks;makers_id=MK0000014411 (konjiki no monde selection)
Toranoana: (Galaxy Ginga)

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