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Tag type: General

Sleeves that cover the arms to at least the wrists.

Detached_sleeves may still apply if the sleeves begin at least from the middle of upper arms.

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 1boy aiguillette artist_name belt black_hair black_headwear black_jacket black_skin brown_hair centaur closed_mouth colored_skin feet_out_of_frame gloves grey_background hair_between_eyes hand_up hat hat_over_one_eye highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon jacket karana_cat long_hair long_hair_between_eyes long_sleeves looking_ahead male_focus military_uniform one_eye_covered original parted_lips peaked_cap rearing shaded_face sheath smile solo sword taur uniform unsheathing wavy_hair weapon white_gloves
 1girl amagami ass black_shirt blue_panties bob_cut brown_eyes brown_hair closed_mouth grey_sweater_vest hugging_own_legs long_sleeves looking_at_viewer panties shirt short_hair socks solo sweater_vest tachibana_miya takemi_kaoru thighs underwear yellow_socks
 1girl :d ahoge bare_shoulders blue_dress blue_hair breasts commentary detached_sleeves dress ganyu_(genshin_impact) ganyu_(twilight_blossom)_(genshin_impact) genshin_impact gloves hair_ornament hand_up highres horns large_breasts long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer luckplz official_alternate_costume open_mouth purple_eyes smile solo upper_body v
 1girl absurdres ahoge angry animal_ears arms_behind_back bare_legs barefoot bdsm bell black_jacket blush bondage bound bow brown_hair cat_ears collared_shirt commentary_request fang feet from_below full_body grey_skirt hair_bell hair_ornament highres indian_style jacket jingle_bell little_busters! little_busters!_school_uniform long_hair long_sleeves looking_afar miniskirt natsume_rin nose_blush open_mouth panties pink_bow pleated_skirt profile red_eyes school_uniform shibari shirt shouting sidelocks simple_background sitting skirt soles solo speech_bubble tamawwwwwwwww teeth thighs toenails underwear upper_teeth_only v-shaped_eyebrows very_long_hair white_background white_panties white_shirt
 1girl amagami baozi black_gloves brown_hair close-up closed_mouth eating food gloves highres holding holding_food long_hair long_sleeves nakata_sae portrait profile solo tenpanco twintails
 1girl absurdres ahoge akino_(chikarrr) akizuki_kanna black_panties black_thighhighs blush bow breasts cafe_stella_to_shinigami_no_chou closed_mouth commentary_request crossed_bangs crossed_legs feet_out_of_frame floating_hair frilled_skirt frills hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon hand_up highres jacket large_breasts light_brown_hair long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer miniskirt panties purple_eyes red_bow red_ribbon ribbon scythe side_ponytail simple_background sitting skindentation skirt smile solo thighhighs thighs underwear very_long_hair white_background white_jacket white_skirt

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