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Tag type: General


Situation where sex/sexual intercourse is taking place, but the genitalia are not visible or out-of-frame_censoring. The genitalia's absence is made up by other visual clues.

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1girl black_hair blush hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon high_ponytail houshou_(kantai_collection) implied_sex kantai_collection long_hair lying nude on_back open_mouth pillow ponytail ribbon wa_(genryusui) white_ribbon yellow_eyes1girl animal_ears ass azur_lane blush hato_haru heart heart-shaped_pupils implied_sex long_hair looking_at_viewer open_mouth short_eyebrows solo sweat symbol-shaped_pupils tagme thick_eyebrows wolf_ears yuudachi_(azur_lane) 1boy 1girl bandage bandaged_arm bandages black_legwear blue_eyes blush braid breasts breasts_outside brown_hair clothed_sex coat collarbone doggystyle eiyuu_densetsu fingerless_gloves gaius_worzel gloves hakuleg hand_holding hetero implied_sex leg_lift linde_(eiyuu_densetsu) long_hair medium_breasts nipples nurse open_mouth pantyhose pink_hair sen_no_kiseki sex shoes short_hair side_braid simple_background standing standing_on_one_leg stethoscope sweat tears white_background white_footwear yellow_eyes 1girl areolae armpit_hair armpits artist_name bangs bed_sheet bouncing_breasts breasts breath cum dated erect_nipples eyebrows_visible_through_hair fate/grand_order fate_(series) female head_wings heart heart-shaped_pupils hero_neisan high_resolution hildr_(fate) implied_sex large_breasts large_filesize long_hair looking_at_viewer nipples open_mouth pink_eyes pink_hair pubic_hair_in_mouth semen_in_mouth semen_on_tongue solo_focus speed_lines steam stray_pubic_hair sweat symbol-shaped_pupils tongue trembling upper_body upper_teeth valkyrie_(fate/grand_order) very_high_resolution10s 1boy 1girl 3d age_difference animated arm_support bed bedroom blue_eyes boots bounce bouncing_breasts breasts brown_boots cia_(zelda_musou) clothed_male_nude_female cowgirl_position eye_contact feathers girl_on_top green_tunic hair_ornament hand_on_chest hetero highres holding holding_hand implied_sex indoors large_breasts link looking_at_another loop nintendo nipples nude on_bed pointy_ears riding shota sitting sitting_on_person source_filmmaker straddling tecmo the_legend_of_zelda tunic video webm young_link zelda_musou10s 1girl 1other 3d animated bounce bouncing_breasts breasts censored cia_(zelda_musou) dark-skinned_female dark_skin dress fairy feathers female girl_on_top head_out_of_frame implied_sex indoors jewelry loop low-cut low-cut_dress moaning nintendo nipples open_mouth purple_dress short_hair smile solo_focus source_filmmaker spread_legs tecmo the_legend_of_zelda upper_body video voyeurism wardrobe_malfunction webm white_hair zelda_musou

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