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Performing fellatio by wrapping the penis with a long tongue or prehensile_tongue. A technique often depicted in use by frog_girls (especially Asui_Tsuyu) and lamias.

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 1boy 1girl absurdres age_difference arthropod_girl black_hair black_sclera black_tongue breast_smother breasts butterfly_wings colored_sclera colored_skin extra_arms extra_eyes face_to_breasts fellatio femdom gigantic_breasts grabbing_own_breast hickey highres insect_girl insect_wings long_tongue moth_girl neko_harass nipple_stimulation nipples onee-shota open_mouth oral original penis plump prehensile_tongue purple_skin red_eyes saliva shota size_difference tongue tongue_out tonguejob very_long_tongue wings
 1boy 1girl absurdres antenna_hair autoscorer black_capelet blush blush_stickers bow brown_ribbon capelet claws commentary cropped_torso cum cum_in_mouth drill_hair erection fellatio ferrousoxide grey_background hair_bow hetero highres long_hair long_sleeves long_tongue looking_at_penis micha_jawkan multicolored_hair multiple_hair_bows neck_ribbon open_mouth oral penis pink_hair pink_shirt red_bow red_eyes red_hair ribbon saliva senki_zesshou_symphogear sharp_teeth shirt simple_background smile solo_focus striped_bow teeth tongue tonguejob twin_drills two-tone_hair uncensored upper_body upper_teeth_only very_long_hair
 1boy 1girl asui_tsuyu black_eyes black_hair bodysuit boku_no_hero_academia curvy facing_viewer fellatio green_hair huge_penis long_tongue looking_at_viewer mato_spectoru oral penis penis_grab source_request tagme tongue tonguejob
 1boy 1girl alien barbed_tongue black_hair black_lips chymlaxi close-up colored_skin colored_tongue commentary cropped dark_penis english_commentary fangs fellatio green_skin interspecies licking licking_penis long_tongue natyss_(nyuunzi) nyuunzi oral orange_tongue penis prehensile_tongue saliva solo_focus teeth tongue tongue_out tonguejob upper_teeth_only xenosexual
 2girls absurdres age_difference areola_slip ass ass_focus ass_grab boruto:_naruto_next_generations breasts cunnilingus english_text face_in_ass fellatio french_kiss grabbing_own_breast green_eyes haruno_sakura highres horse_girl huge_ass huge_breasts incest kiss mastr7up mother_and_daughter multiple_girls naruto naruto_(series) netorare nude on_bed oral pink_hair presenting_pussy sexually_suggestive shopping short_hair shorts size_difference slingshot_swimsuit swimsuit tongue tongue_out tonguejob uchiha_sarada yuri
 1boy 1girl blonde_hair blush breasts bunsuirei commentary_request completely_nude dark-skinned_male dark_skin fellatio fingernails handjob hat hetero highres indoors large_penis long_tongue looking_at_viewer moriya_suwako nipples nude open_mouth oral parted_bangs penis pov pov_crotch prehensile_tongue saliva short_hair small_breasts teeth tongue tongue_out tonguejob touhou two-handed_handjob upper_teeth_only veins veiny_penis very_long_tongue yellow_eyes yellow_headwear

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