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An action comedy short created by Trigger_(Company) and directed by Imaishi_Hiroyuki and written by Koyama Shigeo and Wakabyashi Hiromi for the 2015 Japan_Animator_Expo. It is the 14th entry of the expo. The short's electronic soundtrack is provided by Attack the Music.

It is set in a world where most of the characters are animals that act like humans. It tells the story of the eponymous characters: Machspeed, a small shark with a sharp nose who is motor-mouth parody of a hard-boiled film noir detective; Sex, a living and breathing female sex doll who attacks by quickly having sex with her opponents; and Violence, a normally mild-mannered gorilla who becomes violent, aggressive, and super strong when Machspeed penetrates his butt with his nose. The trio run a detective agency where they clean up their rotten city by helping various clients with various cases. One day, they receive an apparently simple case where a dog named Mutt comes to them asking how to deal with his virginity. What starts as a trivial case quickly spirals out of control after Machspeed and Violence accidentally kill their client. . .

The short is animated with a near monochrome style; the only colors besides black and white being orange and red. Like much of Imaishi's work, the short is filled with fast-paced over the top action and sexual innuendo.

The short's story is more or less retold in episode 9 of Space Patrol Luluco with some changes and fitting it into Luluco's canon.


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