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The typical Christmas hat worn by Santa_Claus. Use together with the hat tag.

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 1boy 2girls :d ascot blush breasts brock_(pokemon) buttons clenched_hand commentary_request creatures_(company) detached_sleeves dress eyelashes game_freak gloves hand_on_another's_waist happy hat highres jasmine_(holiday_2022)_(pokemon) jasmine_(pokemon) kenchi long_hair looking_at_viewer monochrome multiple_girls nintendo official_alternate_costume one_side_up open_mouth pokemon pokemon_masters_ex santa_hat shorts smile whitney_(holiday_2022)_(pokemon) whitney_(pokemon)
 4boys beard bell belt black_hair blonde_hair bowl_cut christmas colorbone ekubo_(mob_psycho_100) facial_hair fur_trim gift gloves hat highres kageyama_ritsu kageyama_shigeo kicking mob_psycho_100 multiple_boys reigen_arataka ribbon santa_costume santa_hat short_hair smile spiked_hair spirit
 1girl bare_legs bare_shoulders belt blue_hair breasts collarbone colored_inner_hair commentary_request crop_top easy_(aqk7bdqt) elbow_gloves fur-trimmed_sleeves fur_trim gloves hair_intakes hair_ornament hat holly_hair_ornament hozuki_kaede large_breasts long_hair midriff multicolored_hair navel onii-chan_wa_oshimai! pink_eyes pink_hair pom_pom_(cheerleading) ponytail purple_background red_gloves red_hat red_shorts santa_hat short_shorts shorts sidelocks simple_background sitting sleeveless smile solo two-tone_hair
 1girl alpaca black_pantyhose blue_eyes blue_hair blush_stickers boots brown_hair commentary_request eyebrows_hidden_by_hair fur-trimmed_headwear fur-trimmed_shirt fur-trimmed_skirt fur_trim hair_over_one_eye hat highres holding holding_sack original pantyhose red_footwear red_hat red_shirt red_skirt riding riding_animal sack santa_costume santa_hat shirt short_eyebrows sitting skirt snowing solo teardrop thick_eyebrows white_background yukimoto_shuuji_(gurigura)
 1girl :< animal_ears antlers black_hair blush_stickers boots brown_background capelet closed_mouth colored_skin commentary_request deer_ears dress fake_animal_ears fake_antlers grey_eyes hair_between_eyes hat highres horns long_sleeves merry_christmas mini_hat mini_santa_hat original outstretched_arm purple_skin red_capelet red_dress red_footwear red_hat reindeer_antlers sack santa_hat shadow simple_background sleeves_past_wrists solo standing star_(symbol) v-shaped_eyebrows yukimoto_shuuji_(gurigura)
 1girl ;) azato_jk_(yugaa) belt black_belt black_hair black_thighhighs breasts closed_mouth commentary_request cowboy_shot double-parted_bangs dress finger_to_mouth fur-trimmed_dress fur_trim garter_straps hat highres lace lace-trimmed_thighhighs large_breasts long_hair one_eye_closed original red_dress red_hat santa_costume santa_hat short_dress sidelocks simple_background skirt_hold smile solo split_mouth thighhighs white_background yugaa

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