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Japanese: サラトガ

USS Saratoga (CV-3) of the Lexington-class Aircraft Carriers [1], as personified in Kantai_Collection. Her namesake is the Battle of Saratoga [2] of the American Revolutionary War, and the fifth of six US ships named "Saratoga." Her crew nicknames were "Sister Sara" and "Sara Maru."

'Sister' Sara is portrayed as having an "onee-san" personality, with a relatively elegant manner of speech, and speaking with a motherly tone regarding her aircraft, and is especially genial towards other ships, with in-game lines referencing friendly relations especially to Akagi_(Kantai_Collection), Kaga_(Kantai_Collection), and Iowa_(Kantai_Collection). Following in Warspite_(Kantai_Collection)'s mold, her in-game lines use significantly better English than Iowa, though she uses it less often.

Saratoga wears an impossibly form-fitting (impossible_clothes) white_dress with breast_pockets over her large_breasts, a red_neckerchief and anchor around her neck, red thighighs (red_legwear) with garter_straps, a belt, high_heels, and a hair_ornament fashioned like a ship's funnel (smokestack). She has grey_eyes or blue_eyes, and her brown_hair is pulled into a ponytail in the back, with a side_ponytail going through the funnel. In the front, she has sidelocks and hair_between_eyes. On her funnel hair ornament is an emblazoned "E", which was painted to reflect a Battle Effectiveness Award [3], received for 'Excellence in Engineering' during exercises in 1938.

Her rigging (machinery) involves a Thompson_submachine_gun-themed flight_deck, with a waist-mounted 'deck' holding twin-cannon turrets. She carries drum magazines (magazine_(weapon)) for a Thompson under her dress and additional box magazines on a garter holster, both emblazoned with the pre-1942 US military aircraft roundel.

Saratoga later gains a remodel form, wherein her white dress becomes a black_dress with a white underskirt, the flight decks on her gun and rigging change color from orange to gray (and no longer bear the letters "SARA"), and the roundels on the magazines are modified to their 1942-43 form. Her 8-inch gun turrets are replaced with 5-inch dual-purpose guns, and she receives additional anti-aircraft armament. Saratoga is thus the first Allied girl with a remodeled form. This remodel reflects the upgrades the historical Saratoga received during her 1942 repairs.

Historically, the USS Saratoga was one of only two US carriers to survive spending the whole war in the Pacific, alongside USS Enterprise. Saratoga was involved in numerous campaigns, including the Battle of Wake Island [4], the Guadalcanal Campaign [5], in which she sank light aircraft carrier Ryuujou_(Kantai_Collection), New Georgia Campaign [6], Bougainville Campaign [7], Gilbert and Marshall Islands Campaign [8], and the Battle of Iwo Jima [9], before being turned into a dedicated training carrier. During this time, Saratoga received damage numerous times from IJN submarines and kamikaze attacks, forcing long stretches of repair or refit time. This includes one torpedo hit from the I-26_(Kantai_Collection). By the end of the war, she had been refit to be a dedicated night carrier, but after another round of damage from kamikaze attacks at Iwo Jima, she was relegated to permanent training carrier duty. Ultimately, she was considered too obsolete, and was destroyed as a nuclear test target in Operation_Crossroads. She was awarded 8 battle stars [10] for her service.


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