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November 2nd (11/2)

Tights Day (November 2nd or 11/2) is a date_pun established by M&M Socks, Inc. in 2009. So chosen because "11" resembles a pair of tights (pantyhose), and 2 reminds us that two tights are sewn together to make a pair. Also, November weather makes tights-wearing more prevalent.


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 1girl artist_name bangs black_bow black_footwear black_legwear black_skirt blush bow brown_eyes brown_hair eyebrows_visible_through_hair full_body hair_bow hands_on_own_knees kokudou_juunigou long_hair long_sleeves mary_janes open_mouth original pantyhose pleated_skirt purple_background school_uniform serafuku shoes signature simple_background skirt solo speech_bubble teeth tights_day  1girl bangs black_legwear closed_mouth dated dress grey_eyes hair_over_one_eye legs_together long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer oopartz_yang original pantyhose simple_background sitting solo thighs tights_day translated tsurime white_background white_dress white_hair 1girl alternate_breast_size arm_garter arms_up asymmetrical_hair bdsm black_footwear black_legwear blue_skirt blue_vest blush bondage boots bound breasts check_commentary commentary commentary_request cowboy_shot cuffs erect_nipples green_eyes green_hair hat huge_breasts juliet_sleeves knee_boots leaning_forward legs long_sleeves looking_at_viewer misasagi_tasuku open_clothes open_vest pantyhose puffy_sleeves see-through shackles shiki_eiki short_hair sideboob skirt skirt_set solo thick_thighs thigh_boots thighhighs thighs tights_day torn_clothes torn_pantyhose touhou vest1girl :o ankle_boots bangs beige_shorts black_shirt blue_eyes blush boots brown_footwear brown_hair eyebrows_visible_through_hair grey_background hands_in_sleeves high_heel_boots high_heels hood hoodie looking_at_viewer nekomegane open_mouth original pantyhose shirt short_hair short_shorts shorts simple_background sitting sleeves_past_wrists solo thighs tights_day white_legwear 1girl bangs black_hair black_legwear blue_eyes blush brown_scarf brown_shorts cardigan checkered_scarf crossed_bangs feet full_body hair_between_eyes highres knees_together_feet_apart letterboxed looking_to_the_side no_shoes original pantyhose pantyhose_under_shorts parted_lips sakura_chiyo_(konachi000) scarf short_hair_with_long_locks shorts sleeves_past_wrists solo tights_day white_background  10s 1girl 2016 :o absurdres ass ball bare_legs beige_background black_legwear blue_eyes blush breast_press breasts brown_hair buruma commentary date_pun dated gym_uniform hair_ornament hairclip highres holding holding_ball jacket legs long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back loose_socks medium_breasts open_mouth original pantyhose pantyhose_under_buruma ponytail ribbed_legwear school_uniform simple_background sleeves_rolled_up socks socks_over_pantyhose solo thighs tied_hair tights_day track_jacket track_suit twitter_username very_long_hair volleyball white_legwear yoshida_iyo

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