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苺パンツの日 (Ichigo Pantsu no Hi)

2015/8/2; AKA August 2nd, 2015; AKA 2 August 2015 is Strawberry Panties Day, a date_pun. This was a day to post pictures of people wearing strawberry_panties.


2015/8/2 can be shortened to "1582".

If we consider each digit individually we get:

1 = "ichi"
5 = "go"
8 = "pa"
2 = "tsu", which is the Japanese accent pronunciation of the English "two".

Now we have ichigo patsu, which is very similar to ichigo pantsu, i.e. "strawberry panties".

Therefore 2015/8/2 is Ichigo Pantsu no Hi (苺パンツの日), Strawberry Panties Day.

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 1girl aqua_eyes bangs black_sclera blue_eyes blunt_bangs blush breasts character_name colored_eyelashes dark_skin date_pun dragon_girl dragon_horns dragon_tail dragon_wings embarrassed erect_nipples eyelashes female food_print frilled_shirt frills front-seamed_legwear gradient_eyes green_eyes greyscale hair_ribbon hatching_(texture) horns impossible_clothes impossible_shirt jin_(mugenjin) kokuryuu-chan long_hair long_ponytail meme_attire mini_wings monochrome multicolored multicolored_eyes neck_ribbon nose_blush number_pun original panties panties_under_pantyhose pantyhose pantyshot pantyshot_(standing) partially_colored ponytail print_panties ribbon seamed_legwear shirt simple_background sketch skirt skirt_lift slit_pupils solo spiked_hair spot_color standing strawberry_panties strawberry_panties_day strawberry_print tail thighband_pantyhose translated underwear upskirt virgin_killer_outfit wavy_mouth white_background wings  10s 1boy 2015 aqua_hair blush boxers date_pun dated food_print ichigo_hitofuri looking_back male_focus necktie number_pun pantsu_no_hi polka_dot polka_dot_background pun solo strawberry_panties_day strawberry_print sweat touken_ranbu translated underwear yamabukiiro yellow_eyes  10s 2boys ahoge ass-to-ass back-to-back bangs black_hair blue_eyes date_pun fang food_print from_side hair_between_eyes kogitsunemaru locked_arms long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side male_focus mikazuki_munechika multiple_boys nipples no_pants number_pun panties pantsu_no_hi parted_lips print_panties red_eyes shared_clothes shirtless short_hair simple_background strawberry_panties strawberry_panties_day strawberry_print swept_bangs toned toned_male touken_ranbu translated underwear underwear_only white_background white_hair yaoi zuwai_kani  1girl alice_margatroid ass blonde_hair blue_eyes capelet covering covering_breasts date_pun doll food_print from_behind hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon highres hourai_doll hyakunin_momoko long_hair looking_at_viewer number_pun open_mouth panties panties_only pantsu_no_hi polearm print_panties ribbon short_hair simple_background spear strawberry_panties strawberry_panties_day strawberry_print topless touhou underwear underwear_only wavy_mouth weapon  1girl barefoot bike_shorts bike_shorts_pull clothes_writing date_pun domino_mask feet food food_print fruit inkling kabyu long_hair looking_at_viewer mask matching_hair/eyes monster_girl navel number_pun orange_eyes orange_hair panties pantsu_no_hi pointy_ears print_panties shirt short_sleeves simple_background solo splatoon strawberry strawberry_panties strawberry_panties_day strawberry_print t-shirt tentacle_hair toes translated underwear white_background white_shirt  10s 1girl bow brown_eyes date_pun food_print grey_hair hair_bow kantai_collection no_legwear number_pun panties pantsu_no_hi ponytail print_panties school_uniform serafuku simple_background sitting solo strawberry_panties strawberry_panties_day strawberry_print tatsumi_rei translated underwear yuubari_(kantai_collection)

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