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A purple haired busty woman who wears a double bun hairstyle.

She is a mage and member of the ruthless mage guild Sabertooth. She is the daughter of the guild master Jiemma and shares his win-no-matter-what ideals as well as his arrogance and lack of empathy towards anyone they deem weak. Unlike her father, she is better at manipulating people and coming up with complex plans. She quickly proves to be one of the more dangerous and ruthless members of the guild during the Grand Magic Games. She uses these skills along with her already powerful magic to secure victories for Sabertooth. She is especially sadistic and often torments others for petty reasons. Her guild mates recognize her strength and are in awe and fear of her. She often utilizes people's relationships with others to her advantage. During the Grand Magic Games, she holds Milliana, a friend of her opponents Erza and Kagura, hostage in order to goad them to fight and weaken each other. She also takes the opportunity to torture and take out Milliana, both for her own amusement and to secure more points for Sabertooth. Despite her planning, Minerva ultimately underestimates Erza's strength and determination and she is eventually defeated and humiliated by a badly wounded Erza. Unlike her fellow guild mates who come to understand what a truly strong guild is like upon witnessing Fairy Tail's victories and accepting their defeats, Minerva is enraged at her loss and she leaves Sabertooth and joins the Dark Guild Succubus Eye with the intention of enacting bloody vengeance against Erza.

She is voiced by Inoue_Kikuko, in one of the few instances Inoue has played a malevolent character.

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