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(天使のたまご )

A 1985 fantasy drama OVA directed by Oshii_Mamoru with character designs by Amano_Yoshitaka. The two of them also wrote the OVA's story. The orchestral and choral soundtrack is composed by Kanno Yoshihiro.

It is set in a dark and barren post-apocalyptic world. A young white haired girl wanders the land alone, scavenging for supplies and food. Besides her clothes and supplies, her only possession is a large egg that she is highly protective of and secretive about. One day, she meets a cloaked wanderer who carries a large cross-shaped staff over his back. Although she is initially suspicious of him, the two of them form a bond with each other as they roam the land together. However, the man is very curious about what's inside the egg and its purpose. . .

The OVA is notably very minimalist in style, having only two characters in its cast. Between the two characters, there is very little dialogue and exposition, and the story is primarily told through visuals and sound. The OVA also has a dark visual style with heavy use of black and other dark colors. As the OVA is densely packed with religious symbolism, particularly images and references to the story of Noah's Ark, and has an esoteric storytelling style, there are many different of interpretations of its meaning. However, Oshii himself admits that even he is not entirely sure what the film's meaning was.

The OVA was also repurposed for the 1988 live action film In the Aftermath directed by Carl Colpeart. Although that film uses footage from the OVA, it tells a very different story.


In the Aftermath

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