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A pale-skinned white haired little girl who wears a pink dress. She is the protagonist of the OVA Tenshi_no_Tamago_(anime).

She spends her time scavenging the barren landscape for food and supplies. Besides those, her only possession is a giant egg, which she likes to keep underneath her dress and in front of her belly. She's very protective of said egg. When she first meets the Man_(Tenshi_no_Tamago), she is suspicious of him, but she comes to form a bond and a sense of security with him.

She is voiced by Hyoudou_Mako.

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 1girl aa_kuro cape dress egg eyes_closed girl_(tenshi_no_tamago) gradient gradient_background highres long_hair object_hug solo tenshi_no_tamago_(anime) white_hair  1girl absurdres amano_yoshitaka bracelet brown_hair cape copyright_name dress eyebrows girl_(tenshi_no_tamago) head_on_hand highres jewelry lipstick makeup official_art red_lipstick scan solo tenshi_no_tamago_(anime) thick_eyebrows  1girl bottle cloud cloudy_sky dark_clouds dress girl_(tenshi_no_tamago) highres ilone-ly long_hair pale_skin road ruins sky solo tenshi_no_tamago_(anime) traditional_media very_long_hair watercolor_(medium) white_hair white_skin  1girl ale64 egg face girl_(tenshi_no_tamago) long_hair monochrome solo tenshi_no_tamago_(anime) translated underwater  1girl angel_wings dress egg eyes_closed girl_(tenshi_no_tamago) highres ilone-ly object_hug solo tenshi_no_tamago_(anime) traditional_media wading water watercolor_(medium) wet wet_clothes wet_dress white_hair wings  1girl barefoot bottle cape cloud cloudy_sky dress fountain girl_(tenshi_no_tamago) highres ilone-ly lamp long_hair official_style road sky solo street tenshi_no_tamago_(anime) traditional_media very_long_hair water watercolor_(medium) white_hair

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