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(ゼルダの伝説 夢をみる島)

The fourth entry in the The_Legend_of_Zelda video game franchise, and the first where Zelda herself is absent and also the first handheld Zelda game. It is a 1993 2D fantasy action adventure game directed by Tezuka Takashi, the last Zelda game he worked on as a director although he has supervised subsequent entries. It was produced by Shigeru_Miyamoto and has a story written by Koizuki Yoshiaki and Tanabe Kensuke. The soundtrack was composed by Hamano Minako and Ishikawa Kozue. The artwork was handled by Kotabe_Yoichi. It was released in black and white for the original Game Boy and in color for the Game Boy Color, which also included a new dungeon. It was adapted into a manga by Ataru_Cagiva in 1994.

The game is set after A Link to the Past and the Oracle games and according to Hyrule Historia, is the last of the Downfall timelinewhere Child Link loses to Ganon in Ocarina of Time. After saving Hyrule once again, Link sets out on a voyage, but he is caught in the middle of a storm, shipwrecking at Koholint Island. He is taken in by the friendly Tarin and his daughter Marin who takes an immediate interest in Link as she has never been outside of Koholint Island. Link is informed that the only way to return home is to wake up the Wind Fish, who is sleeping inside a giant egg on top of Mt. Tamanrach. In order to wake up the Fish, Link must recover the instruments of the Siren which are located in eight dungeons. Link sets out to recover the instruments, only to uncover the true nature of Koholint Island. . .

This game is notably the last installment with Link's old design before his appearance was revamped and codified with Ocarina of Time although this old appearance was revisited in A Link Between Worlds. The game is the first overhead Zelda game to allow Link to jump. While Zelda games have often had cameos from other Nintendo works, this installment notably features the most blatant cameos and references to characters from the Mario and Kirby series. Koizumi was influenced by the American TV series Twin Peaks and wanted to give the story a similar small-town mystery feel.

This installment was revisited with the appearance of Marin in Zelda Musou. Marin and Tarin also became the basis for the similar Malon and Talon of Ocarina of Time and Owl inspired Kaepora Gaebora from the same game.

Like most Zelda games, the game received a strong positive critical reception upon release.

The game received a remake in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.

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