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Pawoo is an instance of Mastodon run by Pixiv Inc. It is best known as an alternative to Twitter for posting NSFW art, especially loli, shota, and toddlercon.

On pawoo (and other instances of Mastodon), 'tweets' are referred to as 'toots', 'likes' are referred to as 'favorites' and 'retweets' are referred to as 'boosts'.

This page will describe how to sign up and upload from Pawoo, in addition to how to handle new artist entries in the case an entry doesn't already exist for the artist you're uploading a work from.

Word of Caution

* All jpg images are resampled (albeit at a much lower rate than Twitter)

* All images are currently configured to be resized to a maximum of 1280x1280, much smaller than what Twitter allows.

You should always look for a better image source off another site such as pixiv or nicoseiga if it is available

The only time it is safe to upload from pawoo is if the pawoo upload is higher resolution than an existing image from those sites and has little to no jpeg_artifacts or resizing_artifacts. An upload from pawoo is likely to go deleted if a better version is uploaded

Signing up

To create an account, expand the following instructions;

Signing up for pawoo is similar to signing up for any other public instance of mastodon.

If you are not logged in, the pawoo homepage will have a signup page with four input fields. Here are the translations:

Username (ユーザー名)
Email address (メールアドレス)
Password (パスワード)
Reenter your password (パスワードを再入力)
Register (参加する)
Login (ログイン)
About this instance (このインスタンスについて)
After registering, you will receive an email to confirm your registration. Click on the link you're provided, and then login with your email and password.

To make using the site easier, make sure to change your language settings. After logging in, click on the gear icon in the top left bar and it will bring you to settings. Click on the side tab that says "ユーザー設定" (user settings) and under the drop down menu next to "言語" (language), set it to your desired language. Confirm your changes by clicking the blue button at the bottom.


1. Find the original toot of the work you wish to upload. The link to a toot should look something like either of these:


2. Open the image(s) you wish to upload in a separate tab, and use the bookmarklet on the direct image URL.

3. Tag your upload and upload the image.

4. Fix the source link of your upload to point to the original toot as listed in 1. Your source shouldn't look like this: but instead this:

Artist entries

Most pawoo users will have a pixiv account, usually listed somewhere in their profile. If not that, they may also have a twitter account to reference. In cases like these, see howto:pixiv or howto:twitter. Remember to add new Pawoo account URLs to their artist entries if they exist.

If none can be found, see howto:artist for how to romanize their name and add a new artist entry for them.

See also

* Website:
* Mastodon source code:

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