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DeviantArt is website where mostly Western artists upload their work. It serves as another major source of images on Danbooru.

This page will describe how to upload from DeviantArt, in addition to how to handle new artist entries in the case an entry doesn't already exist for the artist you're uploading a work from.

Here's the ideal procedure when uploading a DeviantArt artist:

1. Upload from DeviantArt with the full image URL if possible. On the right side, there should be a link to the URL labeled "Download". If it's not there, zoom into the picture as much as possible and copy the image URL from there.

2. If there is no artist tag available, follow the rest of this howto to create a new artist tag.

* Do a source:*username* search for the DeviantArt username. The username is usually found in image source URL

* If you find any posts and they already have an artist tag, use that tag. You will need to update the artist wiki page.

* If this search didn't turn up any posts, or you find posts but they don't have an artist tag, then you will have to make a new artist tag yourself. See Artist Naming for advice on choosing a name. After making a new artist tag, you will also have to create a wiki page. See Artist Entries to learn how to do this.

Artist Entries
The first choice is to use the artist's full real name, if you can find it. On the main profile under the artist's username, there should be a section that shows the artist's real name, gender, and location. The name should have both a first and a last name. If it's in non-English letters, follow Gelbooru's romanization guidelines. Otherwise, check any personal websites or blogs they may list in their DeviantArt profile. See howto:artist for advice on finding the artist's name on their website.

The second choice is their DeviantArt username.

Artist Entries
After creating a new artist tag, click the '?' next to the artist tag in the tag list to create a new artist wiki page. In the artist wiki page add:

Other Names
Any other account names, Twitter handles, or nicknames on other sites the artist lists in their profile.

* The DeviantArt profile URL:
* URLs of any other websites the artist lists in their DeviantArt profile.

See the last section of howto:artist for more information about artist entries.

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