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Half gloves are a style of gloves where either only the fingers are covered or the material of the glove falls noticeably short of the wrist.

The term half gloves is also used in real_life to refer to fingerless gloves, but for that style of glove use the fingerless_gloves tag instead. The overlap in name usage may be due to gloves only covering the fingers being a fairly new fashion, with the style initially appearing in European fashion shows in 2006.


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 1girl azur_lane bare_shoulders black_gloves blonde_hair breast_cutout breasts church cleavage commentary_request covered_navel fake_horns gloves habit hair_between_eyes half_gloves highres horns huge_breasts implacable_(azur_lane) indoors long_bangs long_hair long_hair_between_eyes looking_at_viewer lying no_panties nun on_side opi_gyuniku partial_commentary pelvic_curtain pillar red_eyes revealing_clothes see-through solo stained_glass thighhighs tongue tongue_out two-tone_dress veil very_long_hair white_horns white_thighhighs
 1girl ako_(blue_archive) arms_behind_back bell black_gloves black_thighhighs blue_archive blue_eyes blue_hair blue_jacket blush breasts clenched_teeth collar cowbell cuffs earrings garter_straps gloves grey_background hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon hairband half_gloves halo handcuffs highres jacket jewelry knees_up large_breasts leash long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer neck_bell panties ribbon shirt sideboob sideless_outfit sideless_shirt simple_background sitting skirt solo stud_earrings teeth thighhighs underwear wako_(1194433260) white_panties white_shirt
 1boy artist_name black_gloves blue_hair blue_shirt bubble_tea buttons collared_shirt cup drinking_straw genshin_impact gloves gold_trim hair_over_shoulder half_gloves hand_up holding holding_cup jacket jacket_on_shoulders kamisato_ayato lapels looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side male_focus medium_hair minoru_(minoru_uwutemp) mole mole_under_mouth necktie parted_bangs parted_lips purple_eyes purple_necktie shirt short_sleeves simple_background smile solo swept_bangs tassel upper_body vest watch watermark web_address white_jacket white_vest wing_collar wristwatch yellow_background
 3girls armor armpits asuna_(sao) asuna_(stacia) bikini bikini_armor blonde_hair blue_armor blue_eyes blue_hair boots braid breasts brown_eyes brown_hair cleavage collarbone commentary_request gloves gluteal_fold green_eyes half_gloves half_up_braid highleg highleg_bikini highres hip_armor huge_breasts kawase_seiki large_breasts leafa leafa_(terraria) long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_girls navel open_mouth revision ribbon short_hair_with_long_locks showgirl_skirt simple_background single_shoulder_pad sinon sinon_(solus) smile stomach swimsuit sword_art_online sword_art_online:_alicization sword_art_online:_alicization_-_war_of_underworld thigh_boots thigh_gap thighhighs thighs very_long_hair waist_cape white_armor white_background white_gloves white_ribbon white_thighhighs
 1girl absurdres black_background black_gloves blue_eyes blue_necktie blue_shirt breasts cardanolc chain chain_earrings closed_mouth coat coat_on_shoulders collared_shirt colored_inner_hair commentary gloves hair_intakes half_gloves hand_on_own_chest highres hololive hololive_english lapel_pin large_breasts medal multicolored_hair necktie official_alternate_hairstyle ouro_kronii ouro_kronii_(4th_costume) shirt solo symbol-only_commentary two-sided_coat two-sided_fabric upper_body virtual_youtuber wolf_cut
 2girls :d arrow_(symbol) assault_lily black_gloves black_necktie black_ribbon black_skirt blush breasts butterfly_hair_ornament cellphone closed_mouth clover_hair_ornament commentary_request cropped_jacket detached_collar eighth_note envelope four-leaf_clover_hair_ornament funada_kiito gloves hair_between_eyes hair_ornament half_gloves hands_up happy_birthday heart high-waist_skirt hitotsuyanagi_riri holding holding_phone houji_tea_latte juliet_sleeves large_breasts long_sleeves looking_at_phone looking_at_viewer multiple_girls musical_note neck_ribbon necktie one_side_up open_mouth partially_fingerless_gloves phone pink_eyes pink_hair puffy_sleeves purple_hair ribbon school_uniform sidelocks simple_background skirt smartphone smile speech_bubble spoken_heart spoken_musical_note teeth upper_body upper_teeth_only white_background yurigaoka_girls_academy_school_uniform

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