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Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) is Crypton Future Media's singing synthesizer based on Yamaha's vocaloid. It also refers to the mascot character of the same name. The name is a word play: Hatsune(初音) meaning First Sound, and Miku (ミク) deriving from the Japanese slang for Mixer. The official design was created by KEI: She is depicted with aqua_hair tied into twintails and usually wears a skirt (black_skirt), sleeveless shirt, necktie, detached_sleeves and boots.

The character has even branched outside of singing and has made her voice acting debut in the anime Shinkansen_Henkei_Robo_Shinkalion, playing Miku Hatsune (name written with the Japanese words for pronunciation), who is based off of her likeness. After collaborating with Jashin-chan_Dropkick on a music video, Miku became a supporting character in the third season of the Jashin-chan anime adaptation.

Due to her popularity, several fan-made derivations of Miku exists.


* Akita_Neru
* Chibi_Miku
* Hachune_Miku
* Hagane_Miku
* Hatsune_Mikuo
* Hatsune_Zumi
* Juon_Kiku
* Calne_Ca
* Petite_Miku
* Yamine_Aku
* Yowane_Haku
* Zatsune_Miku
* Shiteyan'yo
* MIKU_Append
* Mikudayoo

Alternate Color

* hatsune_miku_(meltdown/nitamagomix)
* Sakura_Miku
* Yuki_Miku

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Hatsune Miku is the first Vocaloid, and one of the very few fictional characters, who has achieved virtual celebrity status and has led multiple concerts. The concerts are performed by having her image rear-projected onto a glass screen while a live band accompanies her. Len, Luka, and Rin were present in the 2010 concert. Miku has also made appearances and has been referenced in anime and video games like Lucky Star where Kagami briefly cosplays as her. Miku has been used to help market various brands like Toyota, but Crypton are adamant that Miku should not be involved with politics so she has not been used to help gain support for politicians. A mecha modeled after Miku called Fei Yen HD has also appeared in the mecha crossover Super Robot Wars UX. Fujita Saki also voices the character and this game marks the first time Fujita has spoken extended amounts of dialogue as 'Miku'.

She is often depicted as having a fondness for leeks.

Her voice samples are provided by Fujita_Saki.

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