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Nijie is a website where a number of (mostly) Japanese artists upload their works. It has a primary focus on sexually suggestive and explicit works. In addition to pixiv and nicoseiga, it is another major source of images on Gelbooru.


As of now, Nijie doesn't re-sample anything that's uploaded to the site. So uploading anything from the site is just a simple procedure of right clicking the post, saving it, and than uploading it. Even just clicking the post and being redirected to a pop-up page ( for example) will be the full image.

That being said, if you do wish to upload from the direct link source, make sure to change the source from to The reason is because leaving it as the direct link will just load the Nijie picture or .gif when clicking the link.

Use the artist tag detected under Related Tags, if there is one. If there is none, you may refer to the rest of this article on how to choose an artist name and make an entry for them.

Remember to tag (howto:tag) the rest of your upload and follow the rest of the procedures under howto:upload.

Artist naming

Rule of thumb is: Make a simple, readable, and memorizable tag.

The first choice is to use the artist's real name if you can find it on any websites or blogs listed on their nijie profile. See howto:artist for advice on finding the artist's name on their website.

Many artists on the site also have pixiv accounts in addition to their Nijie account. Refer to howto:pixiv for more information in the case you find one.

Once you have a name, use howto:romanize to romanize it. Name kanji often have several different readings, so it's best to use any available indicators (such as their twitter handle) on how to read the name. If you don't know how to read this name or are unsure of the correct reading, ask for help in forum #1706.

Note that Nijie nicknames are not necessarily unique. If it is too generic ("Ken", "Daisuke", "Youko", etc.), add a qualifier to make it unique. Good choices for qualifiers include:

The artist's circle name
* e.g. gurande_(g-size)
The artist's twitter handle
* e.g. oyamada_(pi0v0jg)
If nothing else exists, their nijie ID
* This is a very rare case, and should be avoided.

Things to note
* Do not use non-ASCII characters for the artist's name, even if they look like ASCII letters--Ryu is not the same as Ryu. Save that for the "Other names" field.
* Do not use "_(nijie)" or "_(artist)" as the qualifier. There are probably a dozen Nijie artists named Sakura or Miki, so those qualifiers are simply not effective.
* Try not to make a hard to read name like ken_(oooxvbgj).

Artist entries
To create or edit an artist entry, click the '?' next to the artist tag in the tag list. In the artist entry, add:

Other Names
*The artist's Nijie nickname (found under their profile picture).
*Any other account names, Twitter handles, or nicknames on other sites the artist lists in their profile.

* The Nijie profile URL:
* URLs of any other websites the artist lists in their Nijie profile.
See the last section of howto:artist for more information about artist entries.

See the last section of howto:artist for more information about artist entries.

See also
* bad_nijie_id
* md5_mismatch

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