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A steampunk spy action thriller anime series created by Studio 3 Hz and Actas. The anime was directed by Tachibana Masaki and written by Oukouchi Ichiro with a soundtrack composed by Kajiura Yuki. The characters are designed by Kuroboshi_Kouhaku and Akiya_Yukie. The TV series ran from July 9, 2017 to September 24, 2017. The anime has received a spinoff game titled Princess Principal Game of Mission. The series was followed by a series of sequel theatrical films in 2019.

The series is set in fictional counterpart of Victorian England, Albion. Said kingdom is the strongest kingdom in the world thanks to its monopolization of a special substance called Cavorite, which has gravity-defying powers. The kingdom used it to construct fleets of powerful airships. But in spite of its dominance in the world, Albion has severe social class issues. Many in the working class are furious with the ruling class and the wealthy for disregarding their suffering and the tensions escalated into a full-blown revolution that ended in Albion being split into two nations divided by a wall: the Commonwealth and the Kingdom. However, the virulent tension between the two classes still remains.

Princess Charlotte, the idealistic and beloved princess of the kingdom, vows to change this. When she becomes the Queen, she will tear down the wall between the two nations and unite the people. However, she is also the target of various factions with the Commonwealth making her the subject of Operation Changeling, a plan to replace the princess with one of their spies, Ange, a spy prodigy who is both the same age as Charlotte and bears a striking physical resemblance to her. Operation Changeling takes a different turn after Ange meets with Charlotte and the princess convinces her that she will work with the Commonwealth on spy missions in exchange for their assistance in helping Charlotte become queen. Ange, Charlotte, and the Commonwealth assemble an all female team of spies that will complete various spy missions for the Commonwealth, often contending with the Kingdom's Home Secretary, the Duke of Normandy, who is in charge of eliminating defectors. But in spite of Charlotte's assistance, Operation Changeling is still in effect. . .

The series' story is told in anachronic order with each episode's placement in the timeline clarified by its title: Case #___.

In the original Japanese, all of the characters speak in Japanese, but the North American English dub released by Sentai goes for a bilingual dub. The Japanese characters, when speaking Japanese to each other, retain their original voices, but the rest of the cast are voiced in English with the dub actors affecting an English accent or in the case of Chise, a Japanese accent.


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