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Sticky notes are small pieces of paper made with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that enables them to be attached to a wide variety of surfaces without leaving residue. Usually colored yellow due to the ubiquity of 3M's Post-it brand.

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 1girl air_conditioner bag bed book bookshelf brown_eyes brown_hair building bunk_bed chair clock desk fisheye glass_door highres indoors keyboard kitsune_(kazenouta) looking_at_viewer looking_up monitor notepad office_chair original pantyhose pen power_strip printer shelf sidelocks sliding_doors solo sticky_note stylus tablet  1girl absurdres bangs bedroom black-framed_eyewear black_hair bored brown_eyes closed_mouth commentary_request dutch_angle energy_drink eyebrows_visible_through_hair glasses hair_between_eyes headphones headphones_around_neck highres hood hoodie indoors jitome monitor original red_bull rerrere solo sticky_note tablet  1boy 3girls animal_ears arknights bangs bird black_dress black_gloves black_hair blonde_hair blue_hair box brown_eyes brown_hair carrying chair clipboard closed_mouth coffee_mug commentary_request computer cup desk dress eyebrows_visible_through_hair fingerless_gloves flipped_hair fox_ears gloves hair_over_one_eye halo hand_up highres holding holding_box holding_cup huanxiang_heitu indoors jacket key laptop letterboxed long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mask miniskirt monitor mug multiple_girls name_tag night office office_chair official_art paper penguin pursed_lips red_eyes saucer short_hair sidelocks skirt smile standing sticky_note tsurime twintails wallpaper white_hair window  /\/\/\ 1boy 1girl bangs between_legs blazer blue_eyes blush bra bra_pull breasts breasts_outside brown_hair chair collared_shirt commentary_request disembodied_limb embarrassed eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_visible_through_hair formal from_side grey_blazer hand_between_legs head_out_of_frame highres jacket lips long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another male_hand miniskirt neko_neko_koneko office_chair office_lady on_chair open_blazer open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth open_shirt original outside_border pencil_skirt pink_bra raised_eyebrows shirt simple_background sitting skirt skirt_suit solo_focus sticky_note suit thighs unbuttoned unbuttoned_shirt underwear v_arms white_border white_shirt wing_collar yellow_background  6+girls animal_ears animal_hood bare_shoulders barefoot black_footwear black_hair black_pants black_shirt black_skirt blonde_hair blue_eyes cable can cat_ears cat_girl cat_hood cat_tail chair climbing computer computer_mouse covered_face cup dragon_girl dragon_horns dragon_tail drawing_tablet dress energy_drink fox_ears fox_tail glass grey_dress headphones highres holding holding_spear holding_weapon hood hood_up hoodie horns indoors keyboard laptop long_hair long_sleeves looking_afar looking_at_another magic minigirl monitor mousepad multiple_girls on_head original paintrfiend pants pen pencil photoshop polearm poster_(object) red_hair red_hoodie room shirt shoes short_hair short_sleeves sitting skirt sleeping sleeveless sleeves_past_wrists spear standing sticky_note table tail weapon white_dress white_hair white_shirt yellow_hoodie zzz  1girl braid darjeeling denim english french_braid girls_und_panzer grin highres huira444 jeans katyusha looking_at_viewer map nishizumi_miho nonna pants radio russian smile solo st._gloriana's_military_uniform sticky_note troll_face twitter_username

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